If you’re extending your home, then you’re probably doing it because you are craving more space. No one is crazy enough to enter a massive home renovation for fun!

+ Go for height.  If you don’t have much space to expand horizontally, then opt for an extension with high ceilings to compensate.

+ Get the floor plan perfect. If you’re bringing in firms like Playoust Churcher architects then make sure you work together to find a floor plan that you know is going to make the most of the space. Mark the dimensions discussed out in tape in your backyard; sometimes, you need to see it to really know if it’s what you want.

+ For the interior: dark colours can work. Don’t think that you can only use light colours in an effort to make a room more spacious; dark colours work just as well.  The key is unity of colour rather than the colour itself.

+ Lift the furniture. Having furniture that sits flush to the floor can make a room feel more cramped than it actually is; add legs to create space beneath furniture for an instant impact.

+ Remove the furniture from the walls. While you’re at it, leave a gap of roughly an inch between the furniture and the walls too.

+ Use height. If you need storage that you won’t access often, then shelving near to the ceiling helps draw the eye upwards.

+ Hang pictures higher than normal. To achieve the same impact as the above, hang pictures above eye height on the walls.

+ Used closed storage. Open storage – such as shelves – can make a room feel smaller and busier. Opt for closed fronts instead.

+ Geometric lines can control the eye. Use tape and different paint colours to create geometric lines on the wall, giving an illusion of a bigger space than a flat colour can.

+ Remove clutter. Use hidden storage – such as in coffee tables or ottomans – to remove the usual clutter, to stop it distracting the eye.

+ Use big decorations but fewer of them. Don’t go for lots of small ornaments, but instead choose single, big pieces that stand in isolation.

+ Colour code shelves. If you do use open storage, create the illusion of deliberate clusters by grouping colour together.

+ Choose blinds over curtains. Curtains fall into the room – thus making it appear smaller – more than blinds do. Opt for blinds in the recess of the window for an instant space boost.

+ Use mirrors. Reflect the existing space and make it feel bigger with strategically placed mirrors to catch the light.

+ Use hanging artwork. Again, to draw the eye upwards, hanging artwork or novelty LED lights from the ceiling can make a big impact.

+ Keep a pathway. Keep routes between doors clear of furniture and clutter to help make a space seem bigger.

+ Choose light fabrics. Tuile or silk are perfect for creating a light, breezy impact rather than formal, thick upholstery fabrics.

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