17 Ideas For Decluttering Your Home

17 Ideas For Decluttering Your Home

If your home is too cluttered, it will look both cramped and a mess. That’s why it is worth exploring ways that you can easily declutter your home and get things to how you want them to be.

1) Have A Garage Sale

Anything you don’t want, set up outside on a stall on your driveway or anywhere outside of your home. You’ll soon find curious neighbours come around for a nosy and you should be able to shift a lot of that junk.

2) Give It To A Charity

Of course, you can also think about giving the belongings that you no longer want to charity. There are plenty that will gladly take unwanted items like furniture and clothes off your hands. You’ll feel better about yourself if you do this.

3) Make Money

Want to make more money than you’d get from a garage sale? Head to eBay and find out if any of that junk is actually worth a fortune. You might be surprised.

4) Trash It

Unfortunately, the sad fact is that most of the junk around our home is exactly that…junk. That’s why the best option might be to hire cheap skip bins for quick and easy disposal of your waste. Within days it will have all disappeared.

5) Pass It On

Perhaps your kids are now old enough to move out on their own. Why not give them your old furniture, declutter your home and help them on their way to independence.

6) Upcycle

You could try upcycling some of that junk. For instance, those old tin cans can make lovely candle holders or even the perfect pots for plants.

7) Put It In Storage

You might have items that you don’t want out but don’t want to get rid of. If that’s the case, try putting them in storage. You can rent out a container and keep them out of sight while still having them when you need them.

8) Go DIY

If you have the DIY skill, you might find you can create awesome new items with the objects that are cluttering your home. A pie rack can make a fantastic bookshelf for the kitchen!

9) Go Minimalist

If you are decluttering your home aim for the minimalist design. Try to leave as little furniture and accessories as possible in each room. You’ll free up space, and the property could look stunning.

10) Fill A Man Cave?

Do you have extra furniture? Perhaps you should think about using it to furnish a man cave somewhere in your home or perhaps a she shack? The ideal option would be a garage that is being used to store junk.

11) Furnish A New Property

If you have enough extra furniture you could consider furnishing a brand new property. This could be the only push you need to start investing in houses.

12) Get Storage Units

If you want to keep those extra items in your home, buy some storage units. You can clean up the property and still have everything you need within easy reach. It’s the perfect idea if your home is overflowing with kids toys.

13) Extend Your Home

Your home won’t look so cluttered if you make it bigger. You can do this by adding an extension that will dramatically increase the value of your home.

14) Scrap It Yourself

You can always get rid of the rubbish yourself. While more time consuming, it will give you the chance to see what a landfill looks like up close.

15) Fold Away Furniture

A great way to declutter a home would be to invest in fold away furniture. When it’s not in use, you’ll never know you have it!

16) Convert The Attic

Converting the attic or indeed the basement is another great way to give you more space and more room for the belongings you don’t want to get rid of.

17) Wall Hangs

Finally, if you invest in some wall hangs you’ll be able to keep your floor space clean and clear. That should quickly make your home look more spacious and free from clutter.



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