As life rolls on, it’s easy to get side-tracked and forget about what it is that excites you; what drives you to get out of bed each day. I really feel like as I get older, I’m more interested in following my passions. Some people think that as time goes on you can lose your passion. I personally feel that as humans, we are constantly evolving, so why would we be passionate about the same things for our entire lives. As life’s changes occur, our interest and priorities shift. I feel like discovering your passion is something that can be done multiple times through your life.

Below are some great tips for helping you discover exactly what your passion is.


To really discover your passion, you have to be prepared to dig deep to find it, letting in new knowledge and experiences at the same time. Whether you studied recently or a number of years ago, courses on offer are always changing, expanding and being completely re-written. A variety of degrees, diplomas and certificates are available via universities, distance education or online learning environments such as Careers Australia. Think about what interests you, and then see if there is a corresponding course available. For example, if you enjoy helping people, you could look at pursuing something like aged care, childcare or disability; or if you have a knack with computers and love colour and drawing, a course in graphic design could be a truly inspirational avenue. And if you really don’t like something, you can always change – you don’t know if you don’t try though.


When it comes to discovering your passion, you need to make sure not to limit what you do in your life, and in your spare time. To find your true calling, you have to fill your time with as much activities and interests as possible. Take a Pilates class, buy a bike and go for a ride every afternoon, take an art class, build something in your backyard, work on a herb garden, and experiment with images on Photoshop. Doing so many things might feel a little overwhelming at times, and a little like you aren’t actually achieving anything. But the more you do, the more you will be able to filter out what you don’t enjoy, and let what you love shine through.


It might sound like a simple notion, but for some people, choosing to live completely without fear and self-judgement is a tough ask. But in order to find your passion, you have to let go of all the things that are holding you back. Opportunities are usually missed by over analysing situations, and convincing yourself something is too hard, or you’re not going to be good enough. Some people are simply never going to accept your ideas – you have to let go of these opinions. For example, if you enjoy writing, don’t just settle for a simple blog; pack your bags, quit your job, and go search the world for the ultimate story. To find your passion, you have to have faith in uncertainty, and be willing to take that leap.

’Passion’ is a rather fluid term, as it represents something different to everyone. In its essence though, it’s about staying true to yourself, understanding genuine happiness, and learning from every opportunity that comes your way. You get one chance at this life business, so why waste it on doing things you don’t absolutely love?

What is something you’ve always wanted to do, but been held back from pursuing for one reason or another? Leave your answers below.

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