4 Home Office Setup Tips for Maximum Productivity

4 Home Office Setup Tips for Maximum Productivity


You will want your desk to receive as much natural light as possible in your home office. Dark offices are not conducive to a positive and productive environment, so make sure you are positioning yourself as close as you possibly can to any windows to enjoy a light and positive office atmosphere.


Anyone that works from home, sitting at a desk for the majority of the day, will know how imperative a comfortable chair is. Hours spent sat hunched over a computer in a chair that gives you aches and pains is not conducive to a happy and productive day. Therefore you will be needing to get down to your local office chair manufacturer or store and trying out the different ergonomic models out there.

Ergonomic office chairs are not really an item to be bought online as you will really want to test them out to see which ones best suit you and the way you like to sit. You will also need to measure it up so that it aligns well with the height of your desk and computer. Everyone should be working with the computer screen at eye level to avoid hunching over laptops and computers, so that all needs to be taken into consideration to ensure good posture.


If you intend to use, or are using your home office, as a space that clients can come to visit you in, then you are going to need to make certain areas of your home look as professional as possible. You are going to need to make all areas from the entrance, hallway, bathroom, and any other areas that your clients will come into contact with, look as clean, organised and stylish as possible.

You will also need to create a client meeting area within your office itself. It is no good expecting clients to squeeze around little home desks, you will need to create a little meeting area to entertain clients, separate from your normal working space. So think about adding in two, or three stylish and comfortable Leather King chairs, a coffee table at a suitable height for writing and taking notes. You will also want to decorate the area with pretty lamps and attractive pieces of art or a feature mirror to really make the space come together.


Working from home means that it can be incredibly difficult to disconnect from work and just walk away from the desk, as it is when you work for someone else. Therefore it is really important to be setting standard office hours for yourself, as you would have if you were employed by someone else. We all know that we go through busier times and quieter times, and sometimes we can easily clock off early and sometimes we need to put in the overtime. However setting a standard office hour for your company means that you will get into a habit of starting at a certain time and then working towards your closing time to avoid deadlines spilling out into your evenings and weekends.


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