5 Signs Your Family is Ready for a Pet

5 Signs Your Family is Ready for a Pet

Cats and dogs can be a wonderful addition to any family, as can other pets such as birds or hamsters. Which pet you may be considering though, you first of all have to decide if your family is ready to take on the responsibility of caring for a pet.

Your Children are Happy When Animals Are Around

If you have a child that is frightened of animals getting a pet can make that fear grow. Some children never get over this fear, and they should not be forced into a situation where they have no choice but to be around animals, and that includes pets.

You can try visiting animal shelters with them or friends and relatives that have pets, but never force them into a situation that frightens them or laugh at their fear. It is very real to them and they may grow out of it. If they do not, don’t consider bringing a pet into your home.

Your Children Respect Animals

Pets need respect as much as humans. They need to be left alone while they are eating, or if they are in their bed which should a place of sanctuary for them.

If the animal does not want to play when the kids do, they should be left alone and not pulled or tugged about.  All family members need to show the animal respect. They cannot tell you if they do not feel well and just want to lie about for a while.

You Will  Remember the Important Stuff

Will you as a family remember to take them to the vets when their check-ups are needed, when it’s time for a nail-cutting or most importantly when their vaccinations are due? When they need attention from the cat vet every so often it is very easy to forget them, but it could be vital to keep them healthy. Mark it on the calendar when visits to the vet are due, and try not to miss any of their jabs or medication.

The Whole are Family Committed

Cats, dogs and all other pets bring responsibility with them. The whole family needs to be committed to the new pet or one should not be brought into the home. If anyone has allergies or does not like animals, the rest of the family need to respect that. Pets can bring a lot of love into a home, but only if everyone wants it.

Once you know that everyone is ready, then you should discuss what pet the family would like. It is said that birds need the most attention, followed by dogs and then cats. Of course, the type of attention they need is different and the care of the pet should be a shared responsibility where possible.

Is Your Family Ready?

If you think your family is ready to have a pet, discuss who will do what jobs relating to it so that you all share the tasks in hand. Make sure children do what they are supposed to and never just take it for granted that they have or your pat might suffer.


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