I realise that although the blog has been restarted, from scratch (thanks to a pesky little hacker), a lot of my readers have been with me for some time. Maybe it’s too soon to write a “get to know me” type post, but I figured if we are really starting right from the beginning again, there’s no better time to introduce myself to you all for the second time. You may already know some of the stuff I’m going to write about today, but then again, maybe you don’t ! Thanks to Stephanie from Not Entirely Perfect and her post “Little Known Facts About Me“, it prompted me to get in and dig deep!! Do you read her blog? If you don’t, you are missing out.

Here we go:

+ Please excuse the cheesy photo, it really was the best I had to share with you. Because I PREFER TO BE THE PERSON BEHIND THE CAMERA, I don’t have that many great photos, but I recognise that there should probably be some photos of me floating around, so you guys actually know what I look like, and also one day, my great great grandchildren might be curious about where they got their nose from.

+ By nature, I AM AN INTROVERT, but I am very good at pretending not to be. I am not a fan of crowds or big groups. I am far more comfortable with just one or two friends for a quiet coffee, than I am at a party surrounded by my entire circle. However, when I’m in a situation where I’m uncomfortable, I will force myself to be “full of life” and super social. It makes me really tired though, so I’ll usually hang up my dancing shoes early and head home.

+ When I am at home I pretty much live like a mushroom because I am SUPER SENSITIVE TO LIGHT. It’s technically called Photophobia, which makes it sound like I’m scared of the light. I actually suffer from migraines and for me, certain lighting (like fluorescent lighting in shopping malls) can be a trigger. For this reason, and not because I’m trying to be cool, I wear sunglasses in the supermarket and shopping malls, and I try to avoid driving at night if I can help it because the oncoming headlights bother me.

+ You may have noticed on my Instagram I regularly post photos of a cat. That furry ladies name is Cleopatra,  and she has been living with us for almost 3 years now. What a lot of people don’t know though, OUR CAT CHOSE US AS HER FAMILY. I know it sounds strange, but she had been a stray in our neighbourhood for a while after her owners moved house and left her behind. We had always been kind to her whenever we had seen her around, we gave her a belly rub and had a chat. One day, she walked past our living room window and saw me opening the curtains. She ran around to the front door and begged to come in, and she’s been coming home to us ever since then. When we moved house just before Christmas, we brought her with us, and she is now a very fat and happy indoor cat.


+ I AM A DREAMER, and I always have been. My parents used to worry, because I kind of drifted through life with my head in the clouds. Nothing much has changed, I still do that. These days though, it’s my daughter that has to pull me back into reality.

+ Even though my daughter basically owns my heart, I NEVER ACTUALLY WANTED TO BE A MOTHER. Can’t tell you how many people freak out when I say that out loud, but my daughter gets it. I had other plans and being a parent had never been it, I was actually really happy to be the “fun aunt” for the rest of my life. Turns out life had different plans for me though, and here I am now, the mummy of a 15 year old kiddo who is also my best friend.

+ I STILL SLEEP WITH THE LIGHT ON in the hall. Not because I’m afraid of the dark like I was when I was a child. I started leaving the light on after I became a mum again, and I’ve just never really stopped.

+ I am NOT A FAN OF SUMMER. I know most people get excited at the idea of warmer weather, and days spent by lounging on the beach. Not me, I don’t enjoy heat waves, and I don’t like to get sunburned. I prefer the cooler seasons, especially Autumn and it’s glorious colour palette. I like wearing boots and scarves. So right now I am super pumped because it just officially became Autumn.

+ When I was a kid, I used to “decorate” (and I use that word loosely), our house. My mum and dad would come home from work and the living room will have been moved around. My mum was never happy about it, and my dad would just go and put everything right back to where it was. Then they would go out again, and I would decorate again. I thought I was doing something nice for them, I could never understand why they were not as excited about it as I was. To this day, I LOVE INTERIOR DECORATING, but these days I am actually allowed to move the furniture.

So there we are, a few things that probably some of my closest friends and family don’t know, but now you do. Surprisingly it was actually a really difficult post to write, but for now, this will have to serve as a sort of “about page, until I can pull it together enough to write the real one. What I’d love to know though, can you relate to any of this, or am standing here all alone on these matters?


Hey there! I'm a professional dreamer, part-time blogger and full-time mum. When I'm not writing about lifestyle related topics on my blog, Sash & Jayd, you can find me creating abstract paintings in my cozy little studio.