I find myself sitting here writing a blog post I didn’t imagine I would have to. If you’ve ever visited Sash & Jayd before, you may recall there was a collection of blog posts spanning over the last twelve months. Well as you can see, they no longer exist. They disappeared sometime last week when some unkind person took it upon themselves to hack into my blog and destroy a years worth of hard work. If I’m being really honest, if I had not deleted my back-up to make space, it wouldn’t be a huge problem. But lesson learned right! Backups are really important.

So what do you do when your blog is hacked and you lose everything? I did consider just not blogging anymore, you get it right, an entire year of work just gone. Hundreds of posts that took me hours to create, time away from my family, for what purpose? I guess for 5 minutes of entertainment for whoever performed the hack. It kinda broke my heart just a little bit.

However, I feel like the person who hacked my account would have accomplished what they set out to do if I quit, and I have no intention of giving them that satisfaction. So instead, I’m throwing my hands up in the air like I just don’t care, and starting the blog all over again! I’m choosing to find the silver lining and see this as an opportunity to doΒ bigger and better things with the blog, and I’m hoping you will all come along for the ride.

Here’s to a fresh start for Sash & Jayd and to all of you who choose to spend some of your time here, I’m so grateful that you do.




Hey there! I’m a professional dreamer, part-time blogger and full-time mum. When I’m not writing about lifestyle related topics on my blog, Sash & Jayd, you can find me creating abstract paintings in my cozy little studio.

  • kim

    You poor thing! That is devastating. I’m soooo glad you decided to continue blogging though, Vicki. Really glad:) It all looks amazing too – just gorgeous! xx