Can you feel it yet? The nights have started to cool a little, and there’s that scent in the air that cannot be mistaken. Autumn is almost here, and I for one could not be more happy about it. We have had an insane Summer here in Australia. In the town we live, we had a few days that actually reached 45 degrees, and a lot that were just under 40. It’s been the kind of Summer that has made me so grateful for that little invention called air-conditioning.

Hopefully that’s now all behind us as we make our way into what just happens to be my favourite season of the year. I decided just before the end of 2016 that this year was going to be a “bucket list” kind of year. I just feel like I get so much more accomplished when I have a list to work from.

What would be a better way to celebrate the beginning of a new season, than to put together a little Autumn Bucket List for the kiddo and I.

1/ Have a bonfire with smores
2/ Decorate with Autumn decor
3/ Purchase some new boots
4/ Make my own pot-pourri
5/ Bake a pumpkin pie
6/ Create some leaf art
7/ Go for long afternoon walks
8/ Get outside and take some photos
9/ Play a board game
10/ Cook beef stew
11/ Host a movie night
12/ Wear your favourite socks
13/ Light a candle that smells like Autumn
14/ Bake a Sunday roast dinner
15/ Go on a road trip

You are more than welcome to steal it. I’m sure that as we start to cross items from the list, we’ll think of more to add. Why don’t you tell me in the comments what’s your favourite thing about Autumn/Fall?






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