A Basic Guide to Ordering a Perfect Cup of Coffee

A Basic Guide to Ordering a Perfect Cup of Coffee

People all over the world drink 500 billion cups of coffee every year. Whether you’re meeting your friends or looking for the perfect brew to wake you up in the morning, coffee has become a universal beverage that brings us all together and keeps us energised. From espresso, through macchiato, cappuccino, and all the way to Turkish coffee, flat white, latte, and so many other delicious coffee blends, sometimes even ordering a cup of coffee can be a real struggle.


When you need a strong shot of coffee to keep you awake and satisfy your caffeine intake, espresso is the drink to go for. It contains only coffee and boiled water, and it’s prepared in an espresso machine. Whether you choose an espresso made of Costa Rican, Brazilian, Ethiopian or Guatemalan roast, you’re going to get a full, rich flavour.


Cappuccino is one of the most popular Italian coffee drinks made with espresso and hot milk, and topped with foamed milk. Baristas use a milk strainer to make the froth especially thick, which is the trademark of every cappuccino. For additional sweet and spicy flavour, you may add cinnamon or chocolate on top. It’s usually served in a medium cup, but it can come in a small, medium or large size if you choose to drink it on the go.


Quite similar to espresso in size but different when it comes to taste, a cup of macchiato contains a dollop of steamed milk and foam. Still as strong and sharp in flavour as espresso,  a cup of short macchiato will keep you going for hours. The real magic lays in the details, so the art that baristas all over the world create while making your coffee will allow you to enjoy both the taste and the visual presentation of this coffee brew served in a tumbler glass. At the darkest bottom layer, you’ll see espresso, the slightly lighter middle part will have mixed espresso and milk, while the top white layer of steamed milk will be the most dominant.

Irish Coffee

A true warm-up drink that will keep you both warm and buzzed is definitely Irish coffee. Invented in 1940, Irish coffee was the perfect beverage for American passengers in Foynes who needed a strong drink to keep them warm during the harsh winter. Joe Sheridan came up with an idea to add a bit of whiskey in a double espresso, mix it up with a teaspoon of brown sugar and add a heaped tablespoon of whipped pouring cream to create the famous brew.

Flat White

A flat white coffee is mainly found in Australia and New Zealand. It is made exactly like cappuccino, but with one exception. Unlike cappuccino, a flat white is served without any foam, chocolate or any other sweet addition. Being an Aussie drink, this coffee is prepared with the best coffee beans there are to reach it’s full potential.

Turkish Coffee

Not all coffees require an espresso machine to be made. Turkish coffee is unique in it’s taste, appearance, aroma and preparation process. Unlike espresso, Turkish coffee is made in a special Turkish wide-bottom, copper pot. For every coffee cup you want to make, you’ll add a teaspoon of coffee to the pot after the water is boiled. Put the pot aside, stir the mixture, and bring it back to the stove to make the coffee boil.

Final Thoughts

These are just some of the delicious brews that caffeine aficionados indulge in. In an array of tasty drinks, everyone can find the one that will satisfy their taste buds.

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