Beat The January Blues- With an Australian Summer In Sydney!

Beat The January Blues- With an Australian Summer In Sydney!

Looking to get away from the wet, wind and rain? Once Christmas is over, the weather can make the early months of the year feel very dull and depressing- so if a vacation is on the cards now is the perfect time to book! And what better than Australia, since the southern hemisphere is in the middle of a stunning, scorching summer. There are loads of fantastic places to visit in the country, from the wild outback to pretty beaches and vibrant cities. And if a city is high on your list, how about Sydney? Here are some of the ways you could fill your time while you’re there.

Visit Some Attractions

Being a bustling and busy city there are plenty of tourists attractions in Sydney. From museums to galleries to Sydney’s famous Taronga zoo which cares for over three hundred and fifty animal species- many of which are threatened or endangered. There are a number of adventure parks if you’re seeking thrills, from Wet n Wild water park to Urban Jungle and Luna Park, plus national parks, stunning gardens and much more. You could go for a walk or a bike ride and enjoy a picnic in the glorious Australian summer weather. The important thing is to do some research, that way you can find out what appeals to you most so you can get the very best from your time.

Go Shopping

If you want to drop some dough and have a day of retail therapy, perhaps to spend any money you were given at Christmas, you won’t be disappointed in Sydney. There are huge department stores with tonnes of luxury designer boutiques to markets selling handmade and budget items and then everything imaginable in between. Sydney is paving the way for fashion enthusiasts with plenty on offer for both the male and female market, and for all budgets.

Enjoy The Food

Barbeques and outdoor grilling is of course popular in Australia due to the glorious weather, however it has plenty more to offer than just this. You can find a restaurant for all cuisines, budgets and tastes within the city so whatever you fancy trying you’re sure to find it in Sydney. Have a look at what kind of things are available in your budget, and look at reviews for everything from casual dining to haute cuisine.

Go To The Beach

The great thing about Australian cities is they’re all on the coast, meaning that when you visit a city like Sydney you also have a gorgeous beach is easy distance. Bondi Beach is Sydney’s most famous– this iconic crescent shaped sand haven is dotted with trendy cafes, bars and has loads of dramatic, beautiful scenery to take in. You could sunbathe, play games or watersports or even hire a yacht to enjoy Sydney from the ocean! From boat rides to private yacht hire, you’re sure to find something in your budget.

Will you be travelling to beat the January blues next month?

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