Beauty and Fashion Tips for the Party Season

Well girls, pour yourself a cocktail and let’s get started! The holiday season is here and we cannot wait to get into the fun and laughter that are coming our way.With so many events in our schedules, things can get a little overwhelming as we rush about, trying to look

Glow for the Gods with Highlighter

Highlighters are kind of unavoidable for party looks because they make you look so darn glamorous. Get ready to feel like Queen Cleopatra darling, because I have a gorgeous little tip for you.

Mix a few drops of liquid highlighter with your foundation, and apply everything with your beauty blender. Instant healthy, radiant glow! Does this mean you shouldn’t put highlighter on your cheekbones as well though? Hell, NO! It’s party time girl, glow as much as you like.

Oil Control

Every dry-skinned gal struggles with oil-control when dancing the night away results in sweating. To combat this, use a mattifying finishing powder after you’ve applied your foundation, and make sure to bring the oil blotting papers in your bag in case you shine through during the night.

Perfect Party Dress in Power Red

Power red is the colour to wear for the holidays, because not only is it trendy, but it looks freakin’ amazing. Grab everyone’s attention in a striking little cocktail dress, or pick something long and billowy for a little Hollywood glam.

Pair Style with Comfort

You can always go for a cool pair of pumps of course, but over-the-knee-boots are all the rage this year.they look so sexy and go with almost any outfit. Grab a comfy pair that will allow you to dance all night, and show off those gorgeous pins of yours, you long-legged goddess!

Beauty and Fashion Tips for the Party Season by Sash and Jayd
Try an Easy Smokey Eye

There is nothing like a smokey eye to give you a sultry, mysterious look that’s impossible to resist. Metallics are very “in” this season. so imagine yourself trying some warm, metallic shades of cranberry, or maybe copper and brown. Here’s an easy tutorial that’s perfect for beginners that will help you to get that seductive look.

Bring Volume to Your Hair

Go big or go home girls! Voluminous hairstyles are super trendy right now, so pop some curlers in your hair overnight for that sexy, messy, wild look. Want even more volume? Here’s a little secret: Use a good dry shampoo. Dry shampoos actually give a very nice boost to your root, and they are perfect for those who have greasy hair. or anyone who’s short on time and needs their hair to look clean and fresh.

Try a Masculine Look

Feeling bold? For the divas who are seeking high-fashion, and are able to pull off interesting styles, we recommend trying a custom made tuxedo. You can go for a male cut, or a slim, tight cut. Pair this with some bright red lippy and a sleek pony tail and you’ll have a unique and captivating look.

Have Make-Up that Lasts All Night

We all struggle with make up melting during those long parties, but there are a few tricks that will help you to look flawless through the entire night. First, you need a good primer. Primers ensure a smooth, even application of your foundation and make it last longer. Then you will also want to remember to set your makeup with a loose translucent powder. You can “bake” your under eye area if you tend to have creases there a lot. Finally, use a setting spray to finish it all off and your makeup will be bulletproof.

We hope these little tips for the party season will inspire you to rock some amazing looks! Have fun ladies!

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