Bland To Grand: Shake Up Your Home Office

Bland To Grand: Shake Up Your Home Office

Running a business from home is full of advantages; you can work whenever you want and you have all of your homely pleasures around you as you work throughout the day. Making your house feel comfortable is one aspect of your domestic life, but creating a calm office space is a whole other story. You need to be working in an environment which allows you to concentrate and make solid business decisions, not surrounded by chaotic clutter which messes with your mindset. When it comes to organizing your office you need to focus on the things that your business requires from you. You may not need all of the room in the world, but it might be vital to have good lighting. Perhaps you have to prioritize your internet connection over an airy vast space. Whatever you require make sure you think about that first and foremost, but here are a few pointers to get you started.

Beautiful Breeze

Have you ever tried to sit down to work but you just don’t feel relaxed? The temperature of a room can directly affect our levels of productivity and if you’re not feeling perfectly comfortable you will be more prone to distractions. If you’re feeling too cold, you will have chilly fingers as you write or type and if you’re too hot you can feel sticky and restricted. Ideally you should keep your office at a consistent temperature which suits your personal needs. In the winter it is relatively easy to keep your house cosy. Keep the draughts out by closing doors and make sure your thermostat is set to the optimum temperature. In summer it can be much more difficult to keep cool, opening windows isn’t always enough to create a breezy atmosphere. Look into a good air conditioning system which will help the airflow and cooling of your home and office during the warmer months, it is a great way to protect yourself from unwanted bugs entering your home too as you can keep those windows firmly closed.

Delightful Desk

A clear space can often equal a clear mind. Make sure you’re not working under an abundance of screwed up papers or unnecessary bits and bobs. Make it your aim to clear up your desk after each working day. Wipe down your surface and keyboard daily with antibacterial wipes, in order to avoid germs developing. Also, try to avoid eating at your desk as it can create extra mess to clear up at a later stage. Your desk should solely be dedicated to your creative energy, rather than nibbling down on your favourite snacks. Take regular breaks to nourish and hydrate yourself and it will help to keep your table tidy.

Savvy Storage

Invest in a set of stylish, fabric boxes to keep your supplies, letters and notebooks in. Boxes can slip neatly underneath tables or stack beautifully on shelves. Look online for some savvy storage ideas and make sure you’re making the most of the space in your office. You might need to spend a day re-organizing your work papers, but once you have got an effective system in place it will be easier to keep on top of it.

So enjoy your office and make the most of your dedicated space. Keep your office area cool and your desk fresh as a daisy and your motivation will improve considerably.

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