A child’s birthday is magical both for them and the parents. It’s not that we don’t enjoy birthdays as we grow older, but they’re never quite as mind-blowing as they were when we were little. Something about the balloons, cake, laughter, and partying just lights up a kid’s face. Every little thing matters to them, and that’s why there’s no excuse not to absolutely blow away your child on their birthday. Putting together an unbelievable day for them isn’t about forking out endless amounts of money but focusing on the little details which matter most to them. Here are some pieces of advice to help you make your kid’s birthday extra special.


This consumerist world is so overwhelming in terms of options that it almost seems harder than ever to choose the perfect present for your child on their birthday. You see a never-ending array of “stuff” and frantically panic over which gift will make them happiest. If you find yourself in this never-ending cycle then it might be time to step back from the toy shops and reassess your gift-buying process. Cool little toys might be a novelty for your kid when they first receive them, but you’ve seen the box of discarded presents in their room; that junk grows tired and boring after the first week.

You want to give your child a present which blows them away; you want to give them a present that they’ll remember. The key to doing this is to turn away from the usual kid’s stores and think outside the box. It doesn’t have to be a tangible present; you could treat your child to a zoo trip because a fantastic day out seeing all their favorite animals is a memory which will stick with them into their adulthood, unlike a silly, expensive toy which they’ll forget about almost instantly.


Children love birthdays not because they’re spoilt and they want lots of “stuff” but because it’s a chance for them to have fun with their friends. It’s as simple as that. We were all that age once and you probably remember the feeling; you invite all your closest pals together and just have fun. Sure, it’s a nice bonus that you get a day which revolves around you, but it’s mainly about the entertainment factor. It’s mainly about having a party which absolutely rocks. Memories are what count, at the end of the day. If you truly want to blow your kid away on their birthday, you need to think about throwing a birthday extravaganza which leaves them and their buddies with jaws dropping to the floor.

You’ve just got to think outside the box a little. Cake never goes amiss, of course, and you could throw in a few personalized touches such as a funny picture of them and their friends to get a laugh or two. Still, an unforgettable party requires more than that. You could look into mechanical bull hire to really blow your youngster and their friends away because that’s not something you get at any old party. It’s purely about finding something a little different that you’ll all still be remembering fondly or laughing about for years to come. Think big, and don’t be afraid to organize something that’s a little “different”. Kids love novelties, so you’re not taking a risk.


It doesn’t take away from your affords to ask for a little help. You can still be the head organizer of your child’s big day, but letting your partner, friends, family, and whoever’s interested help you out with organizing the party doesn’t diminish your own efforts. You have to think about what it’ll take to make this the best birthday ever for your little one, and having additional help to make the day go off without a hitch is likely what it’ll take to make the day as perfect as possible for your kid; they’ll definitely appreciate that more than a rushed effort courtesy of their mom or dad working solo.


Birthdays are all about surprises, of course, but I’m talking about really surprising your child on their birthday. They probably knew that they were having a party, and they might even have known which present they were getting, but sometimes the little surprises you didn’t tell them about can make the day even more fantastic for them. You could start out with something funny like putting balloons in their room whilst they sleep so that they wake up to the craziest birthday greeting ever. They certainly won’t forget that.


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