From Boring Bathroom to Boutique Chic

From Boring Bathroom to Boutique Chic

If one of your favourite thing about going on holiday is the luxurious bathroom attached to your hotel room, there’s no reason why you can’t transform your own bathroom back home into the kind of chic, boutique space that you love. Here are some simple things you can do to make your boring bathroom look and feel more 5-star:

Invest in a Rain Shower Head

One of the best things about boutique hotel bathrooms is that they always have great showers. You’re never left huddling under a cold stream of water or with so little pressure that your shower is so unsatisfying you wish you hadn’t bothered. Their showers always have a dramatic spray of water to relax your muscles and relieve your tensions too. The good news is, providing your plumbing is in good condition, all you need to do to get the same kind of satisfying spray is invest in a rain shower head, which will distribute the hot water more widely for a much more pleasing experience.

Go Dark

Many of the best boutique bathrooms look so chic because they feature a dark decor., There’s just something about black bathroom tiles which are so more classy and atmospheric that the typical white and pastel tiles that you’ll find in most homes. So, if you want to get that glossy, expensive look, invest in some black tiles for a total room transformation.

Add Some Seating

If your bathroom doesn’t have a chair or couch where you can sit down and do your preening, it’s never going to be quite as boutique chic as it could. So, first of all, invest in a nice counter or vanity with your own vanity mirror, and then bring in a plush ottoman, expensive tool or even a sexy chaise lounge to make the space feel a little more decadent.

High-Class Storage

Instead of storing all of your products in plastic soap dishes, boring old cabinets and rickety shelves, get creative. Store your soaps in a brass bowl, fill hurricane jars with your cotton balls and decant your bath products and perfumes into glass bottles for a classier, more expensive look on a budget.

Superior Scented Candles

The bathroom is a place to relax and unwind, boutique hotels know this, and that is why they always provide a few luxury scented candles to help the process along. This is something you should do too if you want your bathroom to be boring no longer. Burnt hem in pretty glass hurricane lamps for a dramatic impact.

Plants and Flowers

Plants and flowers, particularly orchids, can increase the boutique feel of the bathroom immensely and looking at them as you bathe can be quite relaxing too.

A Persian Rug

Instead of laying down a ratty old bath mat to keep your floor free of water, throw down an elegant Persian rug instead. So beautiful, intricate and expensive are they, that even if you did nothing else, a Persian rug alone would lift your bathroom from boring to boutique.

Making a few simple changes, like the ones above, is all it takes to elevate your bathroom to the next level and increase your enjoyment of the room. What’s stopping you?


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