Bright Ways To Use Solar Power

Bright Ways To Use Solar Power

Solar power has revolutionised the way in which we generate electricity. It’s a much greener form of generating power and can be generated from pretty much any location providing there is sunlight. Here are just some of the brightest and most innovative ways in which you can use solar power.

Cut your electricity AND heating bills

Installing solar panels on your home’s roof could allow you to operate completely off-grid and never have to pay an energy bill again. Electricity generated from the sun can be used not only for lighting and general power, it could also be used to provide heating. It’s now possible to install a solar hot water system, allowing you to heat up all your water using solely the power of the sun. Solar panels aren’t cheap to install but they’re worth the investment. An installation company can recommend the best places to fit these panels in order to maximise sun exposure.

Save money on garden lighting

Solar lighting is a great alternative to battery-operated garden lighting. These lights charge up during the day and then turn on automatically at night, giving your garden a pretty ambient glow. This is much more economically than having to constantly buy new batteries for garden lighting. Garden lighting comes in all kinds of creative shapes and colours.

Keep your devices charged up on the go

You can also now buy solar portable chargers. These can be attached to a pocket or backpack whilst doing outdoor activities, allowing you to keep your phone charged up. These are great for hiking adventures and cycle trips in which you may be camping out and won’t have access to electric sockets. Portable chargers can also be used to charge up a laptop or tablet when working outside – it could allow you to do your work in a local park or in your garden without having to run inside when the battery starts to die.

Bring some luxury to your camping holidays

There are also larger portable solar generators that can be excellent for a camping trip. These generators could be used for plugging in all kinds of devices from laptops to kettles, giving you a taste of home luxury whilst you’re camping. They’re cleaner and less noisy than fossil fuel portable generators and you’ll get longer use out of them.

Keep your car battery charged

You can also buy solar car battery chargers for keeping your car powered up on the go. This could be useful if you’re on a roadtrip and want to use a lot of electricity but don’t want to drain the battery too much. These chargers are particularly well suited to camper vans and caravans in which you may need to use more power for appliances such as fridges, cookers and even possibly a TV – getting a solar charger fitted on the roof could also allow you to park up wherever you like without having to find a hook-up for electricity giving you ultimate freedom.


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