Cabin Fever: Melting The Rustic Style Into Your Home

Cabin Fever: Melting The Rustic Style Into Your Home

The homes that are on the market for the masses of buyers are always going to be generic. They will look the same from the outside and most on the inside as well. Over time this may change as homes switch ownerships with lots of different people. Several owners may do their own restructuring, designing and even decor furnishings to convert the home from style to style over the years. There are always seems to be a way for you to introduce your own style into your home, but usually, it’s just for aesthetic appeal. Therefore the changes that many people do aren’t permanent and consequently the home you live in, doesn’t really feel like it’s truly your’s. However, the rustic style of home, or moreover the cabin design of a home, goes deeper and makes the living space change indefinitely.

Structural beauty

What makes the cabin style of home so cozy, is the fact that it incorporates natural material. Timber is the number one choice for the structural integrity of the home. You could use this in your ground floor to prop up the first floor as well as strengthen the walls and take some of the load bearings of the bricks. The exposing of the wood is also done to simplify the home so that externally, the structure can also be changed sometime in the future whenever you wish. For this, you should look for merbau timber, as the interconnected pieces are both FMJ and solid. The sleek and smooth surface of the wood is just waiting to be varnished and made to look like a clean sheen has been put on. The great thing is that this wood is also naturally termite resistant. This is one of the main concern for people when they look at timber structures, so you have nothing to worry about.

Heavy duty dining table

There just isn’t anything quite like a good old slab of high-quality wood to bring a dining room to life. The air of nature and the wildlife in which the tree grew up in is cemented into the table itself. A large mahogany dining table, either in an orange and deep brown mixture or perhaps the elegant and powerful burgundy colour would be superb to eat your family meals on. More often than not, these kind of thick and heavy tables, made from fine quality wood are quite expensive, so you can opt for a lesser material that is affordable for most people. Either oak or beechwood would make a great replacement if you cannot afford the denser and higher quality wood like yew and mahogany.

Stone arch

A stone archway at the front door would also finish off the perfect cabin home. Many cabins in colder climates don’t use wood as their vertical roof support, at least not entirely. Rough cut stones and big rocks in a metal net to form, make up a large and incredibly strong structural support for the support of the archway. Rough and rustic, the stones that form together make for a great cabin style aesthetic that is very homely.

It’s not easy incorporating nature into your home, but it can definitely be done. It’s not as expensive as you think if you choose the right kind of material and shop around. The elegance it brings to your home is unparalleled as the rustic style goes back hundreds of years.


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