Changing Your Home With The Seasons

Changing Your Home With The Seasons

As the seasons change so to should your home. Making seasonal changes to your home will ensure that it’s a more enjoyable place to reside, that it’s more comfortable and even that it saves energy. So, let’s look at some of the most important changes to make as the seasons rotate through the year.

Clearing Up The Windows

While there are a few permanent changes you can make to the windows to give you higher levels of insulation such as triple glazing, there are also temporary changes as well. For instance, through the summer months, you can put up drapes or blinds. Both will provide a certain level of privacy without blocking the air flow into the room when windows or doors are open.

Of course, through the winter months, you might want to hang up curtains. Thick curtains can provide greater levels of insulation by trapping warm air inside the home and keeping cold air out. It’s the perfect option if your windows are a little old and outdated.

Brighten Up The Place

Through the summer months, you want to make sure that you bring the colour out around your home too. You want to make sure that you are using pastel colours for decorating as this will bring a cheery atmosphere into your home. You can get bedsheets and duvet sets that match this colour palette and throws or new pillows for furniture around the living area. You can even consider painting the walls to match the season. If you’re a DIY nut, repainting your home through the summer months can be a great opportunity.

Don’t forget to add some flowers around your home as well for both the colour and of course, the smell of summer.

Through the later seasons of the year, you want to make sure your home feels cozy and to do this, opt for darker shades. As well as this, use lamps rather than light fixtures around the home to create shadow and make the house feel more compact rather than spacious. This will provide the cozy comfortable atmosphere that people love through the winter season.

Back Up

It’s not just aesthetic areas that you should consider of course. You may also want to think about making practical changes to your home as well. One possibility you may consider would be adding an emergency lighting system for the stormier months of the year. If the power goes out, an emergency battery can ensure that your lights stay on and not leave you in the darkness.

You can also think about stocking up on candles if you can’t afford a full emergency lighting and power setup.

Of course, through the summer season, it’s more about making sure that the aircon is working. Getting it checked out regularly is a great option and you should be completing a thorough check just before the summer season really kicks into overdrive.

We hope you find these ideas helpful when changing your home with the seasons.


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