Choosing Jewellery for Every Occasion

Choosing Jewellery for Every Occasion

The perfect pieces of jewellery can finish off any outfit perfectly, and they are often the part of your outfit which are most personal to you. However, it is sometimes difficult to match the items to the occasion. This guide is here to give you a helping hand and a few top tips that should give you some assistance when you are trying to choose the pieces that are right for you in 2018.

Casual Wear

When it is a casual occasion such as a brunch, dinner with friends or you are simply out and about in town, try to choose some pieces that make you feel comfortable. Perhaps you could go for something stylish and colourful such as a pendant necklace or some statement earrings. During the winter months, you may think that it is more difficult to properly show off your jewellery, but a brooch is a nice touch which can be attached to a scarf or a jacket. Maybe you could go for something that features your birthstone such as opal earrings. Ultimately, you should feel the freedom of choosing anything that works well for you.

Work Jewellery

The type of jewellery that you can wear during your job really depends on your workplace first and foremost. Mostly, people tend to go for safe, simple and understated choices that are not too ‘out there’. You should tend to avoid items that are too big and clunky as they are only likely to get in the way. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice style entirely. For example, you could go for a light gold or silver necklace or perhaps a pair of stud earrings. And a watch is something which can be both practical and stylish when you are at work.

Party Time

When you are going to a big event or party, this is the time that you can bring out your fanciest jewellery items such as diamond earrings, a cocktail ring or a bold necklace. After all, there is no point in all of these things just sitting in your jewellery box all year round! Of course, whatever you choose, you will still want to make sure that it complements your outfit nicely.

Formal Occasion

You may be heading out to a dinner party or gala a feel like you need to go for something classic, timeless and elegant. Pearls certainly give off the impression that you are going for, and they are very versatile as they go well with a wide range of styles and outfits. If you have any antique jewellery, this may well be the time that you want to get these pieces out. These are the kind of items that also have the advantage of being great conversation starters as well!

So, there you have four occasions, along with a bit of simple advice that will hopefully help you to make the decision about the type of jewellery that you want to wear with them.


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  • Julia
    March 2, 2018 2:56 am

    Great guide for people like me who are a little clueless when it comes to knowing how to dress up an outfit.

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