I have always been a city girl. I was born in Canberra, which is technically the city, although you would be forgiven for thinking otherwise, because it is certainly not like any other city I’ve lived in, I guess that’s why they fondly refer to it as the “Bush Capital”.

One day when Ash was about 3 I visited some friends who lived in this nice little country town, and I guess you can say that I fell in love with the sunsets and the mountains. So when Ashli was 7, we moved there. Honestly, I don’t regret that decision, whenever I start to freak out over the lack of shopping options here, I walk outside, take a look at those mountains, breathe in that fresh country air…and it’s worth it. Besides, it turns shopping trips into the city a real treat that we get excited about, it’s almost like we’re taking a vacation to some exciting destination we’ve never been to. I take photos, that’s just how awesome fun it is!

When I moved here, I started to notice some things, like for instance, in the city, if you go to a shoe store, you buy shoes. If you go to a tile store, you buy tiles. Very simple right? Not so here in the country, a lot of the stores here are a little confused.

The shoe store also doubles as a barber
The tile store, is also a courier
The book store is joined to a coffee shop
At our local pharmacy, you can also buy home decor
What the hay?

Another thing I became painfully aware of when I first moved here, everyone wants to tell me where my meat comes from, while I’m eating it! I’d go to a friends place for dinner party, and mid mouthful they would have to shatter my enjoyment of the meal by telling me all about how the cow I had in my mouth had been living in their field just a week ago until they slaughtered it, and now a whole cow (in bits and pieces sits in their freezer).
I’m from the city, as far as I’m concerned, meat comes from the fridge at the supermarket, THE END!
Please let me have my fantasy!

The mail… painfully SLOW! I’m not even sure what the reason for this is, I’d love to say it’s the fault of Australia Post, but it was explained to me that it has something to do with the mountain, nobody wants the job of driving the mail truck over the mountain or some such business.I guess it’s a “country thing”, the point of this tale is though, Express Post (which is supposed to be overnight) – takes a few days. Took me a while to figure that out, so now I skip the overnight parcels and save money, so, not such a bad thing.

There are weird things I don’t understand. There are way more quirks than the ones I have listed, but for all the things I don’t understand, there’s something about our surroundings that makes it worth it. I take a look at the gorgeous scenery around us and I can’t help but be in awe, and feel as though where we live pretty much like living in paradise.


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