City Love: Mixing Up Your Date Nights

City Love: Mixing Up Your Date Nights

There isn’t one hidden secret to keeping a long-term relationship healthy and fun, but keeping up with regular date nights and quality time with one-another certainly helps. Whether it means escaping the stresses of work for a few hours, or getting out of the family household for a while; regular date nights with the one you love are an essential way to catch up, communicate, and, most importantly; have fun. Therefore, it might be time to mix up those evenings and weekends a little and try something new together. Date nights can become repetitive and boring, and you don’t want this to have a direct impact on your relationship, so it’s worth making an effort to keep things fresh and a little exciting.

You don’t have to spend a fortune or partake in over-the-top grand gesture each week, but it is easy to have a look in your nearest city and find an array of activities you can enjoy as a couple. Maybe there’s something one, or both of you has always wanted to try, but have never found the time; utilise your date nights to give it a go. It’s time to to get your notebook and pen out, and begin writing a list of new things that you and your other half could do together in the city. You can discuss your ideas and make plans, or perhaps book something as a surprise to make things even more exciting. The following are some ideas, inspiration, and advice for those who want their date nights turned up a notch, for a fun and long-lasting relationship ahead.

An Active Pair

If you’re an active couple or want to get fitter together; it could be time to sign up for something active. There are an array of physical and fun things to do in a city setting, so the only struggle you might have is choosing between them. You could do a couple-focused activity like dance classes and learn how to take over the dancefloor at the next wedding you’re attending, or on a night out with friends. Or, perhaps you could team up for a sporty session, and partake in couples tennis or badminton; there will plenty of places to get together with fellow competitive couples. Even heading to a yoga, pilates, or meditation session together can be something you both benefit from, and can enjoy at home as a couple too; it’s about finding what’s right for you both, and making the most out of the time you have in each other’s company.

A Cultural Fix

You can watch a movie together anytime; therefore, it’s worth checking out the latest shows and entertainment in your city and going to watch or see something that won’t be there forever. Whether you head to a new art exhibition before dinner or get tickets to a gig, play, or performance; you’ll be making the most of the city setting, and creating great date night memories in the meantime. Even if the show isn’t something you’d see again, you’ll have something to talk and laugh about over drinks in the new bar nearby afterwards, so don’t be fearful of booking something unusual for your next date night.

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