Kids make a mess – it’s that simple – and the time you have to spend cleaning up after them is astonishing. Truly, until you had kids you had no idea how your own mum seemed to spend endless hours cleaning. But let’s face it, who wants to spend hours every day cleaning up when you could be playing with your children instead, or better still, relaxing? The quicker you can get your cleaning tasks done, the more time you can spend enjoying your children. Here are a few clever cleaning tips for busy parents.

Who cares?

oK, so the dream for most of us is to live in a super clean house that we would be proud of any time a guest turns up unannounced. But let’s be honest, what is more important to you? A shiny kitchen floor that has been buffed and waxed to perfection, or a toddler that is enjoying spending precious time having fun with mum or dad? Personally, I’ll take the latter option every time. Sure, it’s important to keep your home hygienic for your children’s sake, it’s nice to have it tidy. But sometimes you just have to let go and allow the mess to happen – because it will. And frankly, there are more important things in life than worrying about the odd cobweb in the corner of the ceiling or a dirty window. Speaking of which…


Window cleaning is a pretty straight forward process once you get the hang of it. But what happens when you live in a tall house with two or three floors? As pointed out over at the Flash window cleaning website, there are some tricky areas to reach when it comes to ensuring your glass is squeaky clean. And the dangers of falling from a  ladder or trying to hang out of a high window are evident to everyone. So, by all means clean your ground floor windows, but when it comes to those ones on your second or third floors, hire a professional instead.


If you currently have a carpet, you can expect to spend approximately two-thirds of your baby’s first five years on your hands and knees trying to scrub out the glitter, milk, and anything else they can get their hand on. It’s going to happen, and you are far better off with a hard, easy to clean floor than you are with a lush shag pile. Yes, it’s a bit of an investment, but the time it will save you in cleaning will be worth it – guaranteed.


OK, so the eco-friendly person inside might make you think twice about using dishwashers at all. But when you have kids, they are a godsend. Not only will it save you time washing your dishes from the dozens of feeding times toddlers seem to have, but you can also throw in their toys at the end of the day, too. Your dishwasher should disinfect them all quite happily, and you can be safe in the knowledge your children won’t be sucking on germ-filled toys.


Finally, it’s all too easy to get in a panic about the mountains of laundry that need doing in your home. But if you assign one day for every person in the household, it should save you a  bit of time at least. Not only will it mean you limit your washes, but when it comes to sorting out the laundry afterward, you know exactly where everything will go.


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