From Cluttered Home to Minimalist Paradise

From Cluttered Home to Minimalist Paradise

Are you sick and tired of seeing clutter everywhere you look? Do you have so much stuff crammed into your home that it’s hard to find space to actually live your life? Does your living room feel so busy that you find it almost impossible to relax? It might just be time for you to embrace minimalism.

Not only is minimalism one of the biggest home decor trends to emerge in recent years, but it is also a simpler way of living, which will bring more peace, relaxation, and of course, space to you and your home.

Sound good? Here are some tips to help you transform your property from a cluttered home to a minimalist paradise:

Love It, or Lose It

You can’t keep all your stuff and create a minimalist paradise – that just isn’t how it works. So, first of all, you will need to take the time to go through all of your stuff and either trash or donate anything that you don’t truly love and which isn’t particularly useful to you. It might be a good idea to hire a skip bin from as you do this, so you can immediately dispose of the trash. This is important because so many people falter and end up keeping stuff which really isn’t enhancing their life or their home.

Keep It Simple

Once your home, is newly decluttered, it’s time to tackle the decor. Minimalist decor is all about simplicity with a bigger emphasis on space that lots of furniture or too much busy decor.

A monochrome palette, featuring predominantly white walls with black and great accents is classically minimalist, but it isn’t essential. If you like a bit of colour, there’s nothing wrong with using it, your home will still be minimalist as long as you keep design elements to a minimum, You can  do this by choosing multi-functional pieces of furniture, so you don’t need quite so many and spending more on the pieces you do like. Use furniture and accessories to enhance space, not to fill it.

Invest in Storage Space

Storage space is essential in any good minimalist home. You might have decluttered the place, but if you’re an average person, rather than a hardcore minimalist, chances are you’re still going to have a fair amount of stuff. That’s ok, but you need to hide that stuff away, so as to create a clean, clear and spacious home.

Good sources of storage in a minimalist home include storage ottomans, like the one at, beds with extra storage built in and kitchen cabinets, which should be used to store appliances away until they’re needed, leaving the countertops clear. If you need more storage, make sure any drawers or shelves you buy are as sleek and minimalist as possible.

Once you’ve taken these steps to create a more minimalist home, you’ll notice that you feel a lot calmer and less restricted in your home. Your cleaning time will probably be cut in half too!


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