Dare to Dream Smaller and Sillier

Dare to Dream Smaller and Sillier

We have a tendency to make all our life goals about achieving something. They’re all related to doing well in our careers, getting fit or completing some huge and momentous task. Sometimes, they’re more about enjoying yourself, like when you create a travel bucket list. But you can still find yourself methodically ticking things off a list. What about all those more frivolous dreams that you’ve always had but that you don’t think are priorities? Don’t you think you deserve to make them come true as well? In fact, those sorts of things can be rewards for the more serious stuff you aim for in life. So here are some of the fun dreams you shouldn’t forget about.

Buy the Thing You’ve Always Wanted

Everyone has something that they’ve always wanted and never allowed themselves to buy. It could be as small as a toy you were never given as a child, despite asking for it for every gift-receiving occasion for five years. It could be something bigger, like a swimming pool or a sports car. While money can sometimes get in the way of owning these things, sometimes it’s only you that’s stopping it from happening. If you’ve always wanted a pool table, what’s going to stop you buying one from Quedos? Their range is simply stunning and could truly get you the table of your dreams. You deserve to treat yourself sometimes – you’re an adult, so you don’t need anyone’s permission (except possibly a spouse or partner).

Go to the Top Place on Your Bucket Lis

It’s pretty common to have a travel bucket list of all the places you want to see. If you have one, you’re probably slowly working your way through it, perhaps ticking off one or two items each year. But what’s the one thing on that list that you want to do most? You might be putting it off because it’s expensive and far away, and going elsewhere in the meantime. While you might get there eventually, it’s going to take a long time if you don’t focus on fulfilling your dream. Why not prioritize it and choose to save and plan for it above anything else on your list?

Do Something Daring

What do you want to do that you’ve always been a little scared of doing? You’re pretty sure you would enjoy it, but you haven’t had the guts to do anything about it yet. It could be bungee jumping or skydiving, or perhaps it’s white water rafting or climbing a mountain. These types of dreams are character building, and they’re sure to offer experiences that you won’t forget. It doesn’t have to be a huge achievement like running a marathon or doing something to raise money for charity (although you could do that at the same time if you wanted to). You can just choose to do something thrilling and a little frightening that will give you an adrenaline rush.

Start Being Creative

Creative goals in life are popular too, often being things like “publish a novel” or “make money from my art”. But being creative doesn’t have to be about making money, getting attention or being ambitious and successful. It can just be a way to express yourself and to pick up a new skill purely for your own pleasure. There are so many different ways to be creative, and you don’t have to limit yourself based on anyone else’s expectations. Consider the creative pursuits that typically aren’t associated with men and whether you might enjoy one of them. Just because knitting or other crafts might be more popular with women, it doesn’t mean that you can’t try them out too. Of course, you might want to spend your time woodworking or creating huge metal sculptures if that’s what you prefer.

Break a World Record

Everyone likes the thought of being a world record holder. The two ways to break a record are to be something special or do something special. And if you’re not a record-breaking person just by being alive, you have to do something. Holding a world record is going to change your life, but it does make a good talking point. It’s the perfect, almost frivolous thing to set your sights on. The question is, what should you do? The best thing to do is think of something that you’re good at. Failing that, learn to do something new – or just make something up.

Your life goals don’t all need to be huge ambitions that take you years to complete. Sometimes having fun or fulfilling a childhood dream is enough.



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