From A Daylight Paradise To A Cozy Nighttime Haven

From A Daylight Paradise To A Cozy Nighttime Haven

When choosing a home people have different requirements, but a lot of people look for some of the same aspects like the amount of light a room gets, whether the sun will blind them first thing in a morning, or whether the garden will be perpetual shade year-round.

The sun plays a big role in the choosing of a home. But what people don’t consider is whether that same lighting that is so perfect during the day is going to disturb them at night. Is the sun going to light up the bedroom late into the night, is there a street lamp directly outside the window, and are those floor to ceiling windows a little creepy at night? People renovate their homes all the time, yet they forget to decorate for the night as well as the day.

Here are a few tips on how to make your home turn from a lit-up paradise to a cozy nighttime haven.


For windows that are full of sunlight all day and most of the night, think about doubling up on coverings. By installing blinds behind your curtains, you don’t have to have loads of heavy fabrics everywhere. The double layer will create an illusion of space while they’re lifted and will block out any light at night.

Full-length windows can be a bit of a struggle to cover up. You can get blinds for them, but if you’d prefer to leave them bare then place solar-paneled lanterns throughout your garden to dispel the black wall that nighttime brings.


As you’re trying to block out the sunlight, it might be strange to consider adding lighting within the house. But if your choice is between sunlight and a ceiling light it might not be much of a difference. To create a cozy space you can use fairy lights to create a warm glow. You can hang them around, place them in decorative vases or wrap them around curtain rails.

Cozy Things

Have a blanket-chest or an ottoman with storage in your lounge – during the day store your throws and extra comfies like slippers, and then pull them out at night. The extra fabrics will fill the space and make it feel so much cozier than it was before.


You can also utilize the outside area of your home rather than just shutting it out. Build a comfy seating area on the patio or the porch, with a space heater or a firepit for the colder evenings. You can drag you throws out there and enjoy a glass of wine in the night air.

Enjoy The Night

Have a night in, as a date night, a girls night or a pamper night. Fill the space with your favorite candles, a bottle of wine and stick on your favorite movie. Actually enjoying your home at night will go a long way to making it feel like a nighttime haven.


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