Don’t Let Your Guests Forget Your Home

Don’t Let Your Guests Forget Your Home

First impressions are the most memorable, and it’s why we make such an effort to impress at job interviews, first dates, and meeting the in-laws. Inviting people over to your house for the first time is a special occasion, but suddenly it’s not just you who needs to make a good first impression. Whether it’s the first time you’re showing off your house since you moved in, or you’ve had some work done and you want to show it off, make sure your guests remember their visit for the right reasons.

Exterior maintenance

Clearing out the gutter, mowing the front lawn, and trimming the hedges might not be on your list of favourite things to do, but you’ll save yourself a lot of fights with your neighbours if you keep the outside of your house in good condition. Not to mention, it’s also the first thing your guests see when they arrive for their visit, so you want it to be in top form any way. Always keep your lawn clear of any debris, dead leaves, or weeds that are coming through the cracks in your driveway. Make sure you periodically check your roof for any broken tiles, and if you have solar panels installed you should book a solar panel cleaning to make sure you get the most efficient output from your system. Your gutters should only need to be cleaned twice a year, but if you see evidence of compressed debris, or suspect animals have made a home in the pipes, you need to start cleaning more often.

Interior design

Of course, your guests will be spending most of their time inside the house, so this is where you want to make the biggest impact. You might have chosen a minimalist interior design, or perhaps you’ve amassed a large collection of souvenirs from your travels and carefully placed them all over the house. Either way, you must be a gracious host by offering drinks, snacks, and making sure everyone has a comfortable seat in the living room.

When everyone retires to bed for the evening, make sure they have the best night’s sleep ever in a sanctuary of rest. Blackout curtains, thick rugs, and a ceiling fan will create the perfect sleeping conditions, and even if you don’t leave mints on their pillows your guests will think they’ve stayed the night in a luxurious hotel.


Even towards the end of summer, everyone wants to spend plenty of time outdoors soaking in the last of the sunshine. You’ll definitely want to make sure the sun isn’t the only attraction in your beautiful back garden. In addition to keeping the grass mowed, you should consider planting a few flowers to bloom throughout the year, such as star jasmine, Chrysanthemums, or an evergreen plant like sacred bamboo. It might seem like a hassle tending to plants throughout the year, but you need real plants in your garden to fight global warming and reduce stress, and your guests will admire the scenery.


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