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How was your weekend? I truly hope it was nothing like the weekend that just passed by here. I had a fairly quiet Sunday, we were supposed to be out in the morning but had decided to stay home due to the weather conditions outside. It wasn’t just a hot day on Sunday, opening the front door was like opening the door to a fan force oven. The wind had been so strong all day that our backyard furniture had been blown off our back mezzanine, and the heat was unbelievable.

Around lunchtime, a friend of mine called and told me there were fires close by. To be honest, it didn’t bother me too much, fires are a normal part of living in rural Australia. Any aussie knows that along with the heat of the summer months comes the very high possibility that a fire will break out. Some Summers, we’re fortunate enough that the fires don’t cause too much damage, but every few years, the conditions unfortunately come together to create fires like the ones that were seen over the weekend.

The closest fire to us on Sunday was 3km from our place, to be honest it had me a little concerned, but I was worried more for my friends who lived in the areas that were being evacuated. I decided to make sure out emergency kit was by the door, just in case, but knowing that the makeshift evacuation centre was literally 2 minutes from my house gave me a sense of security.

This morning we’ve awoken to the news that 69 homes in this town of 1600 people have been lost, one of those belonged to the beautiful Ingrid, my osteopath who has been caring for my broken body for years now. There were 30 caravans from the Tourist park destroyed, a local restaurant, and the surf club are also gone.This morning as I stood in my kitchen making pancakes for our breakfast, I felt like I could not just get online and post a recipe and not talk about this, because it felt like just posting a recipe today would be so ridiculous.

As we enjoyed our warm pancakes this morning, Ash and I went over our own fire safety plans, and found we could improve on them. We made a list of items we could include in our emergency kit, and came up with a plan to give our assistance to those who were affected this time.

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Cook Time: 30 minutes





  1. Place all ingredients into a large bowl together and mix until blended well.
  2. Heat up a large non-stick fry pan over a medium heat. Melt some butter on the fry pan. Pour batter onto the fry pan, I like to use my 1/4 measuring cup.
  3. Cook pancake until bubbles appear on the surface and then flip over to cook the other side.
  4. Place cooked pancake on a wire rack (so the heat does not make them soggy)
  5. Repeat until all mixture is used. Serve with ice-cream a chocolate sauce for a special treat!

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