Give Your Guest Room That Hotel Feel

Give Your Guest Room That Hotel Feel

If you are fortunate to have a spare room to be able to use as a guest bedroom, then you will probably be stuck in the dilemma of how to decorate it. Having guests come and stay in your home is the ultimate symbol of pride. You get to be the host with the most and make them feel welcome and invited into your home. Being able to provide an experience akin to a hotel experience is a must for some, and so you need to know how to turn your guest bedroom into the perfect retreat.

Of course, while you want to give them a hotel experience, that doesn’t mean waiting on them hand and foot. It means investing in APEX commercial furniture so that you get the best beds for the guest room. It means providing the best amenities so that your guest can feel looked after and thought about; and that’s the whole goal of a hotel, isn’t it? So, what do we mean by amenities? And how can you transform the room into a beautiful space that is fit for guests?

Small Gestures

A big part of staying in a hotel is the freebies, isn’t it? The little touches matter and even if you know your guests, you want to be able to invite them into a room that has a basket of magazines that are fresh and ready to use. A small basket of toiletries in the nearest bathroom exclusively for their use is always welcome and if you have the budget, dressing gowns and slippers go down a treat!

Tables Matter

In a hotel room, they often have a small table for keys and purses, a large desk and bedside tables, too. Adding in a small table like this one for their belongings to have a home while they’re staying with you can make such a difference to a guest in your home.

Treats Ahoy!

So, you may not have the budget for a fully stocked minibar, but that doesn’t mean you can’t offer a little gesture in the room. An ice bucket with bottled water (still and sparkling) and a small box of chocolates is enough to make someone smile.

Chill Out

Having the luxury of air conditioning isn’t something everyone can afford, but even offering a fan in the room is enough to make someone feel comfortable on a night that is more than just a little stuffy.


A normal hotel will always offer an option for breakfast, so before your guests come and stay with you, you should ensure that you know their breakfast preferences, so that you can get some things from the store. A hearty breakfast is always appreciated when staying somewhere new!

Your house doesn’t have to transform into a hotel just for someone staying over, but knowing your guests and being able to give them a nice, comfortable bedroom for a few days can make a huge difference to you!


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