I Heart Lists Link Up

I Heart Lists Link Up

When I first started blogging a long while back now, the blogging scene was a very different place. A lot of the bloggers I connected with back then have since closed down their blogs, and that saddens me a little. I don’t know why I’ve kept going all these years. Despite having my blog hacked and destroyed and having to start all over, I still want to be a blogger.

I think because the reason I started a blog right in the beginning is still my reason for continuing to blog. I wanted to connect with people, to share my stories, and to read about the lives of others. While it’s nice to earn money with my blog, I sometimes get caught up in that striving to make my blog a business thing, and forget that blogging is about people. Real live people, with real lives and thoughts and feelings.

I’ve gotten a little bored with my blog lately, and I so very aware that if my blog bores me, then it also bores you, and I hate that. My goal was always to have a blog that made people feel like they were having a conversation with a friend. So what to do about that?

Well I have a few plans to put more of me into the blog, and shake things up a little, and one of the things I have really wanted to do for some time now is start a monthly link up. I love link ups. It’s such a great way to discover new blogs and meet some really great people. So I am doing it.

I’m starting a monthly link up for all things LISTS. Bucket lists, 101 lists, seasonal lists and any other kind of list you can think to create. I love lists, which is why a link up for this is just perfect don’t you think? I have a list for everything, mostly because I have the memory of a gold fish, but still, I think I’d have them even if I was a highly functional human being.


Three days before the end of the month, I will pop up a post for the link up with my personal monthly bucket list. At the bottom will be the linky tool, and you are free to link up your own posts that include your lists, whatever they may be. The link will be open until midnight of the last day of the month.


Your link must be to a post on your blog that includes a list.

Please visit at least one person who has linked up and say “Hey” (remember this is about making new friends)

Share the link up post on one of your social platforms, (twitter, facebook or pinterest) and use #iheartlists


Every month there is going to be a special surprise for the most interesting list. I can’t tell you right now what that will be, but I promise you will love it!

So what do you think/ Are you in?

Want to co-host the link up? Shoot me an email at v[email protected] subject link “I Love Lists”

I Heart Lists Blog Link Up by Sash and Jayd

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