Heat waves are rare weather phenomenon that not even the most intelligent meteorologists can predict. When the rays of blissful summer sunshine, suddenly become harmful heat beams, it can be more than just uncomfortable; they can endanger life as well. You’re probably wondering if there’s anything you can do to fend the sun off. It may seem crazy to think that the sun that is 864,400 miles across and a giant sphere of volatile chemical reactions, can be tamed by a few well-thought precautions. It’s true; you don’t need to suffer in silence and wait for heatwaves to subside. Modern technology allows comforts as well as necessities to be part of the home and keep you cool, and there are solutions that you can do to achieve this.


Before you implement changes to the home and possibly add appliances, perform an energy audit to see where you stand. Many local authorities may do this for you but first check with your electrical and gas companies to see whether they can send someone out to do a free energy audit check and also, calculate the cost of your utility bills. If you live in the countryside and particularly in a warmer climate, it helps to reduce cooling bills. Perhaps an upgrade might be seen as a downgrade, such as removing some of the insulation in the walls, as it’s fitted in all modern homes as standard whether a home needs insulation or not.

A simple solution to a heat wave is to cool the air in the home. A simple ceiling fan could be fitted to every room so your family members can close the door of their bedrooms but still be cool enough. Personal fans are another option, but if you have fitted a proficient fan regarding the aforementioned style, they’re really just an accessory. The powerhouse of cooling systems is, of course, the air conditioning unit. A company like Clements Care specializes in fitting state of the art designed air conditioning units, which environmentally friendly and able to cool the entire home. Together with a tailored service, the residential air-conditioning systems are also devised to save families money and are fitted carefully after a survey of your property.


Before any of these fancy systems came into being, ancient civilizations like the Egyptian pharaohs used shade to cool their palaces. If your landscape has trees, bushes, and large leafy plants, remember that they shouldn’t be trimmed before the summer. Admittedly, these all block a swift breeze from passing through your home, but the shade is reliable, and the wind is not. However, you should trim any greenery around your air-conditioning unit, so it can operate smoothly without debris clogging the fan system. Move your washing line closer to your home, so when you hang your clothes out to dry, the natural shade of they provide can cool your patio or kitchen at the same time. Equally, park your car in your garage or under a tree, not only to prevent the engine from overheating on your way to work, so the seats are cool enough for your to comfortably sit on. Contrary to what many people think, parking your car in a muggy garage is a lot more comfortable for the driver, than parking outside during a heatwave.


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