Your Home Is The Fifth Element

Your Home Is The Fifth Element

The home sweet home goal is the aspiration of every homeowner. Coming home and sitting on the sofa with a fresh drink and knowing that you are safe, comfortable and in a healthy place is what it is about. Except that there’s always a long list of maintenance tasks, decorative to dos and household bills to take care of first. Thinking of your home in terms of maintenance can be stressful and can sometimes feel a little impersonal, like ticking another element off your lifestyle list. But maybe you should consider your home in terms of the four essential elements instead. The balance of the air, water, fire, and earth is the basis of a healthy and comfortable home. Home sweet elements home!


Realistically, the air your breathe is never clean, even if you stay indoors far from the polluted vehicles. Indeed, chemical products and processed furniture materials, such as plastic, for example, create air pollutants inside your home. Using indoor plants can help you to purify the air and filter out toxic pollutants – benzene and formaldehyde are commonly present in the home and can damage your health. The Chinese Evergreen is an easy-going plant that filters out pollutants over time. Bamboo palms are also a great addition, and perfect with pets as it is safe to chew!


Typically, an old home tends to suffer from rising damp through the floor. You might notice at first a damp odour and then the apparition of mould. But what you don’t see if that the humidity threatens your house structure. In other words, you need to consider a professional ventilation solution if you’re struggling with damp patches and mould formation on your floor or lower walls.


No, don’t think we’re suggesting setting your home on fire. Fire means warmth. And controlling how warm your home is during the colder months of the year is an exercise of juggling comfort with energy bills. More often than not homeowners turns up the A/C unit or the heating system without checking first the insulation in their home. If your home lets the cold or warm air in, then your efforts to maintain the temperature inside are vain. Instead, you need to improve your windows and install blinds and curtains to minimize the risks of temperature loss.


The earth is your garden. Whether you love gardening and have a pair of frantic green thumbs, or you content yourself with mowing the lawn once a month, you need to appreciate that your garden adds value to your property. As such, it deserves some attention. If you don’t like gardening, using perennial flowers is a great way of adding colour and inviting a buzzing wildlife year after year without much of an effort. More importantly, they nourish the ground too, which keeps your garden healthy. Native plants and low-key lawns are another good way of helping the ground to breathe without working yourself out. Why does it matter? Because an unloved garden is easily flooded!

Your home is the balanced combination of the air, water, fire, and earth. Make it healthy, comfortable and safe by ensuring that you’ve all the elements of life covered. Become the fifth element!


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