HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS: Improvements You Can Make To Your Home This Winter

HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS: Improvements You Can Make To Your Home This Winter

Winter has begun, and so many more of us are choosing to stay in our home a little more often than usual. It’s a time to reflect, relax, and spend some quality time with the family. However, because you are spending more time in your home, you may find yourself looking at those home improvements you have promised yourself you would do for some time. The decorating may need an update, the clutter may need to be sorted once more, so now would be the ideal time to make a note and start taking action for those home improvements. I thought I would share with you some of the home improvements you could tackle this winter. Allowing you to then sit back and enjoy your home ready for spring.


We can often forget the exterior of our homes when the winter sets in. Partly because we don’t often venture outside as often as would do in Spring or Summer. But actually, winter presents a perfect opportunity to get your exterior of your home back up to scratch.


You may be thinking that winter is no time to be getting out in the garden and pruning those bushes. But during these colder months, you can begin to plan your garden easier, as there is more of a blank canvas to work with. Most of the leaves will have dropped off the trees, and you can begin to see what space you have in your garden, and even what plants or trees might need removing. You may not want to get the lawn mower out, but it could be worth it for the condition of your grass to give it some TLC. Of course, only do this if you have a dry day as the wet can not only damage the lawn but also your equipment.


During the winter, you may notice more than ever that your windows and doors may need replacing. This could present a great opportunity to finally get them replaced with something more energy-efficient. These days the best on the market you can get is triple glazing, and it works wonders for keeping the heat locked in your home. Rather than escaping or creating drafts in your living spaces. Garage doors are often an afterthought, but they can be big focal points of any home as well. This is why it may be worth investing some money and getting it replaced. You could even consider a remotely operated one for ease of use. Companies like best doors have a great selection. The front door can often be a focal point for any home, so why not give it some care and attention this winter. Giving a front door a lick of paint is an excellent way to add more vibrancy to your exterior look of your property. One of the most popular door colours is blue. But even yellow and red doors can make a home have more curb appeal.


It’s important that any proud homeowner takes pride in their property curb appeal. So it’s always worth putting in some time and effort to make sure you have swept any pathways or driveways you have. Keeping those windows and window panes clean. But also tackling those yearly chores such as cleaning out the gutters or cutting down overgrown hedges.


The interior of your home is most likely to be where you will be during the winter months ahead. But that doesn’t mean to say you can’t do any home improvements during this time. Winter presents some excellent opportunities to put a focus on some of the areas you may neglect during the brighter months of the year.


One of the easiest and most drastic changes anyone can make to their home is by giving the walls another lick of paint. Or even adding feature walls to some of your most well-used rooms such as living areas or kitchens. Wall paper or brighter colours can really give a room some extra life and vibrancy. Which not only looks good but can make you feel good on the inside as well. Painting can instantly make a home feel cleaner and tidier in some way. Plus it gives you a chance to make your home more presentable for the months ahead.


There are always big purchases within our home that we have to make from time to time, and as you will find yourself spending more time indoors, you may be more inclined to consider changing the sofas or even upgrading your bed and mattresses. While it may not be possible to replace everything in your home, often changing some of the bigger items can make your home look and feel like it is brand new. Due to the focus being on some larger items when you enter a room. You may also find that some companies offer great savings during the winter so you can take advantage of those discount prices.


The flooring is one area in your home that can often be overlooked. But during the winter you may find that you start to consider replacing carpets or wooden flooring. People often find themselves pricing up things like underfloor heating or even adding different options to make a room look or feel bigger. However, replacing flooring can be pricey, so you could always consider having your carpets cleaned or getting a professional i to polish up your wooden flooring.


Often people don’t notice the lighting in their homes in the summer because the days are so much longer. But in winter you may start to think that your lighting could do with an overhaul. While it is so important to get as much natural light as possible into your home, sometimes this can be an impossible task. Consider feature lights for your home and try and utilise energy saving bulbs so that you save on the electricity bills. Lamps are also great purchases to make and can give any room a more cozy and homely feel.


There are often bigger jobs in your home that could make a huge difference to the look of your property, as well as the value. This happens to be remodeling rooms such as the bathroom or the kitchen. They can be quite expensive and time-consuming jobs to take one, but as they both tend to be well-used rooms in your home, they can often be worth every penny of the investment. A kitchen especially is seen a hub the home of the home for many families, so making it a more useable space could transform your home lifestyle. Some people now consider knocking walls through to living spaces to give an open plan feeling.


It’s all well and good focusing on the jobs you can do this winter, but it’s always worth having in the back of your mind your future plans for your home. Do you want to eventually sell and move on? Could this be your forever home, but needs more time and money invested into the project?


Selling your home could be on the horizon and spring is often one of the most popular times to put a home on the market. This is when you could utilise the winter months to put into action some of the above jobs with selling in mind. A new kitchen and bathroom will always add huge value to a property because they are often the most expensive jobs new purchasers have to make. If you plan on redecorating before you sell, try and consider a more neutral palette when it comes to colour choices. This will enable you to appeal to mass market rather than the minority of people who happen to share the same interior tastes as you do.


If you want to stay in your home but find yourself worrying about the space, especially if you want to grow your family, then an extension could be the perfect option. Again tackling this in the winter months could provide the perfect time to get an extension in place. Some of the most common things people consider are using up the side or rear space of their properties. This means potentially bigger kitchens or extra rooms for things like dining or even play rooms for children. Some people stick with a single story extension, while others go above and create more bedrooms on the first floor. You could even consider creating living space in a loft or basement area. The options are endless, but in most cases planning permission will need to be confirmed before any work can commence.

I hope this has inspired you with some of the home improvements you could make during the winter months.


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