Invest And Update: Changes To Make To Your Home

Invest And Update: Changes To Make To Your Home

It’s a real problem in our home, that every now and then I get really tired of our home and I just want to pack up and move on so I can have the excitement of decorating a new home. While it’s a great fantasy, the reality is moving is a stressful and costly option, and once I remember that, I reconsider, and think about making some home improvements that will solve my space, storage, and lifestyle problems. Location is everything when it comes to property, so if you’ve already go that one down; which I feel we do, it’s time to stay put! I’ve put together a few ideas for anyone who is a tempted to leave their accommodation behind due to a few issues that could be solved with a little time, consideration, and attention.

Opening Up Potential

Storage has always been an issue for me, no matter how much storage I have, eventually I end up feeling as tough we have outgrown the space in our home, and your stuff keeps multiplying; you could consider knocking down a wall or two, and opening up the rooms in your house. A larger, open space will allow you to introduce more storage solutions and will give an airy feeling to your new, light-filled, living area. Look into home extension building & design and work out your budget and what you could create. You might be surprised at the potential that already sits within your home space; it’s just time to unlock it.

The kitchen is often the heart of your home, but if you feel claustrophobic every time you cook and eat in there; consider taking out the back wall that leads onto the garden. Replacing a wall with floor to ceiling windows and glass patio doors, will flood your culinary space with light and give the feeling of an extension, which leads into the outside space. Separate rooms can often feel cramped and pokey, so creating an open plan living space in the downstairs of your house, will allow the whole family to be together, and you can keep an eye on the kids as you’re preparing their dinner.

Add And Build What You Need

You could feel the need to move because you work from home, and you want an allocated office area, or you just feel that your family needs more storage as they grow; an outbuilding or garage might be the option for you. Building a space down your garden, like a summer house or flat pack cladded structure, will allow you to separate your work from the rest of the house, give you the home office you’ve always wanted, and relieve the clutter that your job brings to your living space.

Garages and sheds are a great way to house your family’s sports gear, bikes, tools, and DIY related items, which will free up the cupboards and surfaces inside your home. A decluttered and organised living space will ensure that your home is a more pleasurable environment for you and your family to reside within, so consider building a structure that will help you to house the bulk of your stuff. Whatever you decide is best for your abode; don’t be in a rush to move, and explore your home’s potential before you pop that for sale sign up.



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