The Jobs You Need To Do If You Want Your House To Sell

The Jobs You Need To Do If You Want Your House To Sell

If you’re hoping to buy a new house soon, you might be up against a pretty big challenge. Selling your home is essential if you want to buy another, but is your home ready for viewing? It’s easy to lose track of the maintenance schedule, and very difficult to keep up with everything on it. I know when we moved into our new home I promised myself I would keep on top of things, but eventually life takes over! Sure, some things can be swept under the rug, but if you want your house to sell quickly for top dollar, you’re going to have to get these essential jobs done first:

The Driveway

The first photo everyone sees when they’re house hunting is the one of the front of your house. If your driveway is tatty, damaged or just plain ugly, it brings down the tone of the whole house. This photo, above all others, is the one that’s got to look amazing. It’s the first thing any visitor will see too. Take a look at websites like to see how you can create an attractive driveway. You want people to notice the house, not the mess in front of it!

The Front Door

Your entryway needs to look fresh, sturdy, and secure. If the paint is peeling, and the porch is falling down, you’re not going to attract many serious buyers. Front doors can be easily scuffed up and can become misaligned with the frame in bad weather. Fix this essential security issue, so potential buyers feel that your home will keep them safe. If you’re good at repairs, give it a go. Have a look at websites like for advice. Otherwise, consider a replacement and professional fitting.


When you look at a potential new home, you need to be able to visualise what your furniture will look like in each room. Make sure you’re giving your house viewers room to imagine too. Remove the clutter and work toward achieving a more minimalist style for the viewings. A few personal items help support the lifestyle you’re trying to sell, but keep most of your belongings tucked out of the way or in a storage centre. Make sure every room is dressed for its purpose. Put a table and chairs in the dining room, beds in the bedroom, and remove the exercise bike from your bathroom.

Tame Your Garden

If you have an outdoor space, make sure you have it tamed before any viewings. That means scraping off the moss and algae, mowing the grass, and cutting back unruly trees and hedges. If you have time, give any paving or patio a power wash to make it look new again. Wash down any furniture or play things you have out there too. Finally, make sure all your boundaries are secure. Fix the fencing and make sure the pool gate is safe.

Keeping on top of things like this isn’t always easy, but you need to make it look like it is easy for potential buyers! You’re selling a better lifestyle as well as an attractive house. Add a shiny clean kitchen and the aroma of cake baking, and you’re ready to sell your house fast!


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