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Maria Gonzales

Keep Warm This Winter Without Spending Another Penny on Heating


While the rest of the world enjoys the blazing heat, we Australians are stuck with cold weather for the next few months. As we all know, spending copious amounts of money on heating isn’t very desirable, which is why it’s a good idea to find cheaper ways to keep ourselves warm throughout the winter. It doesn’t take much effort to keep the house warm, but it does take a little strategic planning and thinking to make the most of your home improvements and other things in your home. So without further ado, here are a couple of ways to keep warm during this chilly season without needing to turn on that dreaded central heating.


Windows are one of the most common causes of drafts in the home. Once you identify which windows are causing the issue, you can easily remedy it by blocking the drafts. A great way to do this is to give your windows an upgrade. You can install internal shutters if you want a simple solution to block out the cold and also give yourself draft protection, or you could replace your curtains with thicker ones that also serve the same purpose. You should try to look for any cracks in the window frame and seal them up when possible. It can sometimes be difficult identifying where drafts are coming from, but the better you seal up your home the warmer it will become. Drafts can also come from other locations, such as doors, pet flaps and even holes in your wall or floor.


Making use of the sun is perhaps the easiest way to save money on heating bills. This is because the sun is the world’s natural heating device, but it’s important to understand how to make the most of it. For starters, try and open all the curtains during the morning so that you let as much sun in as possible. Just make sure to close the curtains when that window isn’t receiving sunlight anymore. Try and remove any kind of obstructions that block sunlight as well. This could be a sign, a dense tree that could be trimmed or even an awning. Indoor plants and cupboards may also reduce the amount of sunlight entering your home.


To keep yourself warm during the cold winter, make sure you’re drinking plenty of hot beverages. It’s arguably the easiest way to keep yourself nice and toasty during the night. Your body temperature is ultimately what makes you feel cold, so work on heating your own body up. You could also wear a coat indoors or add extra layers to your clothing as you drink something hot to increase the effect. Another great way of increasing your body temperature is to stay active. Do roughly 30 minutes of exercise each day and you’ll find your body warms up a lot. You could also get in the kitchen and make dinner from scratch. The heat from the stove top will heat up the kitchen and keep you nice and warm, and moving your body around will heat you up as well.

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