Living Bigger, Make Room For Your Dream Home

Living Bigger, Make Room For Your Dream Home

Dream bigger. It’s something that everyone knows. We all want bigger and better from our lives. But how about making it happen in reality? Now that might be another problem, but there’s nothing that stops you from making room for your lifestyle at home. Making your home bigger is not an impossible dream, however inaccessible it might sound at first. There is thankfully more than one way to approach your dream of a bigger home and to make it happen… for every kind of budget. What would you say if you were told that you could make your home bigger without spending any money? Think it’s not possible? Think again: Making your home bigger for free is one of the options to create your dream home. There are two more paths to the home of your dreams and to make it happen easily and safely.

For those who see big

If you’ve got the budget to make it happen, why not get in touch with an architect to discuss what you want. Villa World offers a fully architect-designed option for you to move in. This is a great option for families who are outgrowing their little homes and who need more room for each other. When you have children and maybe a pet too, you 3-bedroom homes can rapidly feel a little crammed and tight. More importantly, when homes are too small for the people in it, your mental health starts to decline. It becomes stressful to spend time with each other because there’s not enough breathing space for your family.

For those who are happy to push their limits

Is moving home not the right thing for you? You can consider staying in your good, old, trusted home and look for extension options. On average, according to Refresh Renovations, a house extension in Australia costs over $2,000 per square metre, which means that with clever planning you can get the home of your dreams without breaking the bank. When it comes to costs, ground floor extensions are more affordable than the conversion of basement or loft space. So an easy way to make it happen is to consider extending your kitchen – a common project – or the living room as this limits your expenses and is easier for the local council to authorize. As you push the external walls of your home, you can gain sufficient space to add the room you needed, whether it’s a bigger living room or an additional bathroom, or bedroom. In short, more room without moving out, that’s a simple and effective solution!

For those who dream big in a small space

Sometimes your home is just perfect the way it is, but it’s clogged up with unnecessary clutter. You can organize a garage sale over the weekend to get rid of everything that you’ve kept and are not using, from a pair of skis to the old baby cot. If you’ve got plenty of extra clothes or kitchenware, these will do well in a charity shop so that they can be redirected to those who need them. Or maybe you could upcycle some of your old items into clever Christmas presents with a little bit of DIY love.

In conclusion, there are many options to discover your dream home, from having it built on purpose to making room in your current home via extension or decluttering. Live bigger, make room for your dream home the easy way.


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