In order to make your own online fashion corner, you don’t have to become a wedding planner and/or a fashion blogger at once. However, the Internet is full of surprises when it comes to making our lives easier. In that respect, even the search for your perfect wedding outfit can be solved thanks to the numerous apps that exist on the Web. These apps can help you create your own online notes that will make the actual hunt for the gown, shoes and accessories an enjoyable experience with no time wasted on trying out things you don’t like.

Everything you need – online

Every lady finds hours of scheduling, planning and organizing stressful and annoying – especially when it’s all for her big day. Of course, this is where your spouse-to-be can help. Putting together a guest list, seating arrangement, menu, etc. are all tasks that you should discuss together but, once the decision is final, your future hubby can take care of it all. There are many tips that you can find online. For example Perfect Moment Photography recommends how you can choose your wedding photographer , can help you choose your wedding stationery,  etc. However, looking for the wedding outfit that will make you shine like a princess will always be something that you’ll have to do on your own. But you don’t really have to do it all on your own anymore, thanks to the dress-up apps that offer tons of wedding dresses, shoes, accessories and even makeup looks and hairstyles to try on virtually before making your way to the actual store. What’s more, you can always show your combinations to your friends and bridesmaids so that you can all have fun creating the perfect bridal look just for you.

Your wedding gown

Just like shopping casually with your friends is very relaxing and fun, looking for a perfect clothing piece for a special occasion is no one’s favorite pastime. The same goes for your wedding gown. Even though it may seem magical, and it is, it’s not all magic unfortunately. Trying out wedding gowns is not as easy as slipping into and out of your usual dress. The chances are that you’ll be really tired and anxious after 2-3 dresses. So, why not narrow down your options? You can try as many dress styles and cuts you want from the comfort of your own home thanks to the Virtual Dressing Room app. Essentially, you can select one of the four body types that come with an app or upload your own photo for even better results. Just flip through the selection of gorgeous wedding gowns and take notes on the designs that you fancy the most.

Your wedding shoes

It wasn’t Carrie Bradshaw that started a shoe frenzy. She just made it easy to own the craze as something we women love beyond comprehension. And truthfully, just like Carrie’s iconic blue wedding shoes made her outfit numerous times better and more glamorous, the same applies to your own wedding outfit. Of course, you don’t have to go for blue color or the same shoe design. However, many brides-to-be tend to neglect their wedding footwear once they’re done with their dress. By using the mentioned Virtual Dressing Room app, you’ll be able to see just how much of a difference a great pair of shoes  can make for your entire bridal look.

Other bridal accessories

Some online wedding apps also offer the possibility to try different bridal accessories such as jewelry, hair pieces, purses, etc. Other provide a vast selection of these accessories so that you can check them out anyway. This is definitely a great way to find every piece of your impeccable wedding look or simply know the direction you want to take with it. Together with the possibility to try makeup and hairstyles, using wedding dress-up apps will save you a lot of time, help you be more functional and organized as well as have fun trying out different styles with just a swipe of your finger.

Your wedding day is the most important day in your life and that’s definitely a great reason to look your absolute best. The memories of this day will stay with you for life so why not make sure that your wedding outfit astonishes even the future generations with its beauty and glamour?

Georgia Selih

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