From Newcastle to Canberra: The Great Australian Road Trip

From Newcastle to Canberra: The Great Australian Road Trip

There is never a more adventurous place in the world than the land down under. The various Australian adventures you can get up to will leave you with a lifetime of stories to tell your kids and grandkids. But one of the great things you need to do to get a sense of the open plains of Australia is to embark on a road trip from the East Coast from Newcastle all the way down to Canberra via some choice sites. So here we go!

Setting Off From Newcastle

First things first, Newcastle is full of amazing rich history. As well as it being Australia’s second oldest city, there are some fantastic places for you to go and relax before setting off on your road trip. You could go for a picnic in King Edward Park, which is full of beautiful evergreen trees and looks suitably Victorian in style. This means that you’ve got a very classical feel if you wanted to sit down for a picnic, but without any of that notorious British bad weather!

Detour Through Gosford

Gosford, on the central coast, is not far from the Brisbane Water National Park. Its mild climate, bushland, as well as it is nearby to Newcastle and Sydney (more of which later) has made it a great choice for tourists. There are plenty of things to do, from experiencing local culinary delights, or you could go and swim or surf at one of the many beautiful beaches, including Avoca beach or Terrigal.

Hit The Sydney Suburbs

While we’re all very aware of what the great sights of Sydney hold, there are some less touristy places that you may not have heard about. Norwest is a thriving area of Sydney which is home to tasty eateries that specializes in all kinds of world foods, from Thai food at places like the Wok On Inn Street Noodle Bar to the Hawkesbury Harvest Farmers And Fine Food Markets. In addition to this, you can get yourself relaxed and enjoy a film out in the open air at the Sydney Hills Outdoor Cinema. The gorgeous Australian weather comes into its own when you’re lying back, relaxing, and enjoying the latest blockbuster!

Walk Through Wollongong

Also known as “the Gong” a beautiful coastal seaside city, with many things for you to explore on foot. The largest Buddhist temple in the Southern Hemisphere, the Nan Tien Temple, offers a welcome respite from the busy modern world, and no doubt you will want to relax after all your driving. The temple has a lot of events including meditation retreats, as well as relaxing arts and crafts.

Chill In Canberra

Once you’ve made it to the beauty of Canberra, you may want to just relax and take it all in, or you may want to set off on all of the cultural highlights the Australian capital has to offer. You could venture through the National Portrait Gallery, the National Gallery of Australia or even the War Memorial. Or if you’re not feeling cultured you could take a tour through the wine region of Canberra, which is home to 140 vineyards just outside of the city. What better way to wrap up your road trip than to relax with a well-earned glass of wine!


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