Overcoming Your Fitness Phobias By Easing Yourself Into Exercise

Overcoming Your Fitness Phobias By Easing Yourself Into Exercise

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Many women shy away from fitness, and the reasons can vary. Perhaps you feel like you’re unfit to begin with or that you’re worried about hurting yourself. I know that on a personal level, I have a lot of injuries from car accidents in my younger years that very much effect how I can exercise, and getting around that has been quite  hurdle to say the least.

Overcoming these phobias or obstacles, can help you change your lifestyle – keeping you fitter, more energetic and helping you to maintain a healthy weight. Easing yourself back into exercise can help you take things slowly, and get you on the right path to a healthier new you.

Walking is an effective cardio exercise

Many people underestimate the value of walking, but it’s actually a great exercise and it’s gentle if you’re someone who has injuries like me. If you want to improve your fitness gradually and enjoy great cardiovascular health, then walking can be a good way for you to ease yourself into a fitness routine. Many people follow the ‘10,000 steps a day’ rule, which equates to around five miles a day. I personally set a goal of 6000 steps for myself, because that was more achievable for me when I first started getting back into exercising, and I figure a little is better than nothing at all right! Get yourself a fitness tracker and start tracking those miles, you’ll be surprised just how much a fitness tracker can keep you motivated.

Get the help you need for injuries

Persistent pain or a serious injury can prevent you from exercising, but if you get the help you need, then you might be able to overcome your issues and enjoy fitness again. You could benefit from physiotherapy for an ongoing injury to help restore movement and help you build strength in that area. Until I did this for myself, I was very worried about making my injuries worse. Don’t let an injury prevent you from exercising – there are treatments and therapy you can try to make it work for you. Avoiding exercise can make back and shoulder injuries worse in the future, so make sure you do something about it.

Try low impact exercises

There are some great exercises that you can do that will have a low impact and will help build up your strength and endurance over time. Improving your body’s flexibility will help to make your muscles much stronger, giving your body a great foundation for further exercise. You can try workouts such as yoga and pilates which will allow you to take things at your own pace and help you notice improvements over time.

Exercise with friends

If you’re scared to exercise alone, then why not try exercising with friends or going to a gym class? Classes are a great way to meet new people, and they can also help to boost your confidence if you’re not sure what you’re doing with exercise. Classes can range from anything to circuits to dance-fit classes – helping you pick a class and a pace to suit you. Take a look at your local gym’s schedule to see what appeals to you – many places will let you try fitness classes for free the first time!

Whatever’s holding you back from exercising, don’t let it. There are things you can do and workouts to try that will let you start off easy, before building up your endurance and strength to take on tougher challenges. Start by easing yourself in, and you can help yourself to become fitter and stronger for a healthier you.


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