If you’re like me and you love design, chances are you’re keen to make a name for yourself. It doesn’t matter whether you enjoy making greetings cards, customising wallpaper, creating art, or simply designing. Exploring your creativity is one thing. Exposing it for the whole world to see (and to earn a little money) is quite another. What you need is something that customers will love – a little bit of you.

Adding those personal touches shows your customers you care. After all, they care about you. They found your work and fell in love with it enough to part with their hard-earned cash. They took the time and trouble to order from you and had faith you would honour the order. So show them a little love back. A personal message, or something a small as your initials shows that you personally took care of their order.

Do you send your orders out with a card of thanks? Do you wrap it carefully in gift paper? These things don’t take up too much time to do and won’t cost you much. You can use things like custom rubber stamps to speed things along a little. Packaging is so underrated, and yet it’s the first things we notice about anything that we buy. Go an look at a few reviews at big online retailers. A lot of them mention the packaging, especially if the customer loved it!

So how do you get your designs out there? Perhaps you haven’t managed to prepare any yet. That’s OK. Why not set yourself a couple of targets right now to complete a three or four works? You can upload the pics onto your very own website, and share the content across all your social media accounts. Still not sure what you can create? Think about colour and how it can be used. Think about the things you love in your home. And think about what’s missing – that could be the answer!

Now you’ve got your design, you’ve made a few samples, and you’ve figured out how you’re going to connect with your customers. How are you going to manage your ordering process? You might choose to use an online shopping cart facility on your website. This can be a little bit impersonal. Try to make sure that you email customers with order updates to keep them in contact.

If you choose a phone ordering system, you can speak to the customer personally. This can often be the best way as you can then customise or personalise every design as your customer requires. These personal touches might also justify a higher price. The ultimate way to personalise your service is to have a local store or outlet. This could reduce your customer base, though, to just people who live in your area.

If you have an interest in decor and design, then why not take the next step? Creativity is a gift, and not everyone has it. If you can turn your gift into an income, then you’ll be living your dream! Remember to take care of your customers.

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The Personal Touches Your Customers Will Love by Sash and Jayd


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