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These are the boards I have available currently as group boards. Select a board that speaks to you


123 followers + 6 members
If you are someone who loves food and sharing recipes this is the group for you. All types of recipes are welcome in the group.


124 followers + 11 members
If you have a little bit of wanderlust, write a travel blog, or just love to dream about faraway places, this is the group for you. Destinations, reviews, travel tips and hacks all welcome on this group.

modest fashion

122 followers + 7 members
A board for beautiful women who love to wear modest fashions. Any style of outfits are welcome as long as they are modest, meaning outfits that don’t show a lot of skin.


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  • Only high quality, VERTICAL PINS ONLY will be accepted
  • Pin for Pin, share at least 1 pin for every pin you add to the board
  • NO POST LIMIT – While there is no limit to the amount of pins you add to the board, I ask that you spread your pins out, and share a pin for a pin.
  • Absolutely no nudity, racism, spamming or other nonsense or your pins will be deleted and you will be booted from the group.

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