How To Plan For Abnormal Occurrences On Moving Day

How To Plan For Abnormal Occurrences On Moving Day

Moving day, the day that some people dread, and others look toward with excitement and anticipation. There’s very little doubt about it; you will be stressed out, and the hectic activities of the entire household shifting their lives is going to be a mammoth task. Easy mistakes can happen during this time because every person in the family will have to multitask and be responsible for many crucial things. You will also be working to a deadline because the real estate agent that has sold your house needs the property empty by a certain day and time. The new owners will be in the exact same position as you because they’re moving their lives into your home. The key element for a smooth transition is planning. It’s quite easy once you get into the rhythm to think about the things you’ll be doing on the day. But, what about the unexpected? Very few people plan for abnormal occurrences that may happen on moving day, but there are a few things you can do to be prepared.

Broken items

If you haven’t properly packaged fragile items in your home, the risk of breaking something or injuring yourself is increased. If you have a glass cabinet or porcelain vase that breaks, the scattering shards will be a dangerous hazard for the people around it. It’s a great idea to plan for this eventuality even though you hope to heaven that it won’t happen. Have ready at your disposal, a large brush to clear up any broken pieces of glass. Equally, have a small brush and dustpan ready to pick very small, sharp pieces of porcelain of similar material. The new owners will not be happy if a health hazard is left lying around when they enter their new home, so follow the unwritten rules of common courtesy.

Cutting the packing time

Moving day is going to be a long, long day. You should aim to wake up before sunrise and begin the moving of furniture and the larger decor in your house such as drawers and wardrobes. You may only be ready to move in the afternoon, despite having planned to get going by the morning or lunchtime. Getting stuck in rush hour traffic is the absolute last thing you need when the family is tired and agitated. The real estate agent may also be late with giving you the keys to your home and stuck waiting at the doorstep of your new home. The best removalist companies will know the ins and outs of the highways and towns which they operate in. But sometimes, not even that is enough. You can send things ahead by way of their courier service. Some of your items can be ready and waiting for you at the new home, substantially decreasing the packing time; allowing you to beat the traffic jams.

Rid things you no longer need

If you don’t have a practical use for something, and it has no sentimental value, why drag it around with you? Mark down in your inventory sheet, the things you’re willing to depart with. Either leave them for the new owners in the home after an agreement, or you can take items to a goodwill store. If you don’t have time for a yard sale, you could take the items to a tip where you can dispose of the items in a safe manner.


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