Planning a Road Trip Down Australia’s West Coast

Planning a Road Trip Down Australia’s West Coast

Australia tends to feature relatively highly on the majority of traveler’s bucket lists – and for good reason! This country has so much to offer almost anyone. No matter what your tastes and needs, there’s bound to be something that suits you down to a tee within its borders. But what people don’t tend to take into account when planning a trip to Australia is its sheer size. Saying that you are going to travel “Australia” just isn’t specific enough. That is unless you plan to spend years roaming the country’s 7.6 million square kilometres of land. While the East Coast and the central lands do have a lot to offer, I’d suggest a trip down the West Coast to start with. I’d also suggest travelling by road. Read on to find out why!

Why The West Coast?

The main appeal of Australia’s West Coast tends to be the world-famous sights it has on offer. Let’s consider just a few here.

The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is a world-heritage site and a constant source of natural inspiration. It’s is widely considered one of the greatest natural wonders of the world and is, in fact, the largest coral reef that the planet has to offer. So if you’re planning on going big with your underwater adventures, this is definitely the place to start out. You will have around 3000 reef systems and nine islands to explore! If you’re into your wildlife spotting, there are over 1,500 species of marine fish existing amongst 360 different types of hard corals. You may also catch a glimpse of one of the six species of sea turtle or 30 species of whales and dolphins which also swim in the region. The waters tend to be warm year-round, so you needn’t worry about catching a chill if you book some sort of snorkeling or diving tour. If you’d rather stay out of the water yourself, but don’t want to miss out on the action, don’t worry. There are also tours via glass bottom boat, so you can see some of the brilliant corals and creatures without having to get wet. Alternatively, if you don’t mind splashing the cash, you could book a private helicopter ride to view the entire scene from above!

Lake Hillier

Chances are that you’ve seen images of Lake Hillier somewhere or another when looking for stunning travel destinations. It definitely stands out from the crowd. Lake Hillier is a world-renowned pink saline lake. Lying on the edge of Middle Island (one of the largest islands in the Recherche Archipelago), the lake has profoundly pink waters. This is thought to be a visual illusion created by the Dunaliella salina microalgae which exist within its waters. While there isn’t much else to see in the lake when visiting (as it is short of wildlife and activities), it’s definitely something worth ticking off your list if you’re passing by.

Why A Road Trip?

Now, you could always just visit one region of Australia’s West Coast, but in order to make the most of your time in the region, you will want a set of reliable wheels to get you from one place to another. This gives your trip much more scope and allows you to venture far and wide without being constrained to the timetables and drop off points or pick up points of public transport. Driving around Australia just gives you that touch more freedom to really enjoy what there is on offer. This is a pretty intense approach to travel though, so here are a couple of things to bear in mind before committing to an Australian road trip.

You Will Need a Reliable Vehicle

First things first, you will need to secure a reliable vehicle. So many people arrive in Australia planning to buy a cheap, used car which they hope will cart them around on a budget. But the chances are that if you spend just a couple of hundred dollars on a car, it’s not going to be in the best nick. It’s likely to break down and repairs and spare parts could end up costing you a whole lot more cash in the long run. That’s before we mention how uncomfortable it could be waiting for roadside assistance and tow trucks in the Australian heat. Instead, hire something a little more reliable, like the vehicles on offer from Car Hire Sydney.

You Could Do With a Reliable Travel Buddy

Now, travelling solo can be an extremely liberating experience. But if you’re going on a road trip, there are so many benefits to having a reliable travel buddy. First things first, you can share driving responsibilities. This means that during long jaunts, one of you can rest while the other takes the wheel. This makes getting from A to B a much faster process. Secondly, it’s great to have company when you are behind the wheel for extended periods of time. Having a good travel buddy makes half of the fun of your travels take part during the journey, rather than solely at the destinations. However, choosing a travel buddy should be a serious process. You will be spending extended periods of time with this individual and you are likely to be in close proximity to one another most of the time. So you need to ensure that you really do get on and won’t be getting on one another’s nerves. Generally speaking, it’s best to travel with someone you already know well and have already spent extended periods of time with.

While a road trip down Australia’s West Coast may require a whole lot of planning, it will be more than worth the effort and investment by the time you get there. After all, you’ll be heading to some of the world’ most beautiful scenery and you will make a whole lot of memories along the way! So, start putting together ideas as soon as possible. This will help them to become a reality before you know it!


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