If you’re bored of your bathroom, sometimes the only thing putting you from tearing it down and starting again is the scale of the task. A remodeling project doesn’t have to be stressful and going the professional route rather than self-help is going to be the best option if you want a specific style. Working with a designer or renovator may assure you of a certain style, but if you already know what you want, that’s half the battle over. You’ll come to a crossroads where you need to decide whether you want to be frugal and hope for the best or place style and substance over the cost. Going from a mundane bathroom to something that will flabbergast guests, family and friends alike are well within your grasp if you’re open to being daring. A vintage interior Venetian style bathroom is a mixture of tradition and elegant, chic gracefulness. Bring into your home a foreign touch of Italian Renaissance and Riviera ports.


First things first, you need to clear out your bathroom and make way for the new materials. This means the current materials your bathroom has needs to be taken off. The wallpaper or tiles should be safely taken off, so the underlayer of plaster isn’t damaged in the process. This will be labor intensive, but it has to be done. Lay down at plastic protection sheets, so your floor does not get stained or damaged by the tools and materials that you’re using to clear the wall.

Hire a company like Skip the Tip, that have purpose built skips for bathroom renovations. This is important because certain bathroom materials need to go in different sections at the tips, such as ceramic tiles and glass need be separated from other household items made of wood or plastic. After the clearance is done, allow the bathroom to sit for one night, so any moisture has time to evaporate before you start work.


Metal and marble will be the domineering materials that you should start using. The floor should be a mix of white and blue marble that is around 2-3cm thick, so it’s able to withstand an adult human’s weight without too much strain. A 1920s Venetian mirror, with a touch of the 13th-century Italian aristocracy, a silver, and deep blue frame would hand admirably as your bathroom mirror. The walls should be mosaic tiling in the style of traditional bathhouses from Venice. This style would again incorporate ocean blues with splashes of white and squares, diamonds and midi style artistic tones would be a throwback to the Roman era.

The taps and shower should be a polished steel and not aluminum. Aluminum has a thin shine that often over boasts light reflection, but steel is fuller and denser, which modestly gleams. The shower glass in Venetian bathhouses is opaque and etched, so rather than a contemporary see-through glass. Privacy glass as it’s known can also be patterned and should you choose to be thoroughly authentic to the Venetian design, ribbons and singing birds would be fabulous.


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