Signs There Could Be a Problem with Your Property

Signs There Could Be a Problem with Your Property

Winter is with us once more, and unfortunately, this sometimes shows up problems that have been developing over the last few months. Suddenly you could find you have issues that were not a problem in the summer, but what should you be looking for to try and avoid a disaster.

Drains And Gutters

With so many trees and plants shedding their leaves in Autumn, by the time we get to winter it is not unusual for drains and gutters of your home to be blocked. This can cause them damage and that will lead to water damage to your property. Before winter really sets in, get your gutters and drains cleaned.

Check for signs of water damage on the outside of your property, as that is usually a sign of damaged or blocked drains or gutters.

Pipes And Associated Things

You should ask a reputable plumber, like Mark Leonard Plumbing, to come and check your pipes and anything associated with them. This includes sinks, showers, baths and toilets as well as washing machines and dishwashers. Metal pipes particularly will expand and decrease in size with the change in temperatures and this can very easily lead to a burst pipe that can cause an awful lot of damage.

It could cost you many thousands of dollars if this happens and you could find that structural work may be needed to restrict the damage to one area.

Internal water damage signs such as mildew, stains on the walls or ceilings or a damp smell are the signs to look for that show you may have damaged pipes.


Over the summer months, any tree roots will have grown. A tree that has not been a problem for the last 10 years could now be interfering with the sewers underground. Look closely at the position of trees in your gardens to see if there is a potential for damage to the sewer pipes.

You will need a map of where the sewer pipes run, but this is well worth looking into. Tree roots can crack or block sewers causing major problems and the costs of repairs can be enormous.

The other problem of course, is that if this happens the smell of sewage would back up into your home and that would not be pleasant at all.

Look For Uneven Floors, Walls and Ceilings

Take a walk around your home and look for uneven floors, walls and ceilings as this can be a sign of structural damage. There can be many reasons for this, some serious and some not so serious. The first thing you should do is have the problem looked at by an expert, like The Good Men Building Surveyors, so that you know just how severe the problem is. You might be great at DIY, but you really need a professional eye to get a proper diagnosis.

It could be that just a few floorboards need replacing or that there is a problem with the foundations. Whichever it is, it needs dealing with so that the damage to your home does not get any worse.

Homeowners should not just sit back and wait for a disaster to happen. Most of them can be prevented if things are checked over and any problems sorted before major damage is caused.


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