When it comes to selling your home, you often get given a value by a surveyor and put your house on the market for that price. However easy it may seem, you shouldn’t stick to the value that you are originally given. There are so many things that you can do around a house to increase the amount that you get for it once sold, but most of them cost money; extensions being the main money-maker. So what are the smaller things that we can look towards doing, and how much will they add?


If you have a garage attached to your house, make sure that it is completely clear before getting your property valued. The bigger the garage appears, the more likely people are to see the potential in it. This may mean having a de-clutter and clear out or moving your possessions temporarily into storage, but it’s worth it. Do up any cracks or structural damage on the inside, and make sure that any garage door repairs are undertaken so that you can get in and out with ease. The more beady-eyed buyers will be looking for anything to knock a bit off the purchase price – don’t enable them.


If you have wood around your home, whether on windowsills, doors or porches, you will need to ensure that it is properly painted or treated so to cover against any damage. This is good for checking out areas in which you may have dry rot, or just giving the property a thorough once-over before anybody comes to have a look round. Being specific with the upkeep will demand a higher price as it shows that you properly maintain your home.


A lick of fresh paint doesn’t cost the earth, and is worth doing on the inside of your home to brighten the place up. Generally speaking, a neutral colour scheme is what attracts prospective buyers, as they are able to plan out more clearly in their head how they would make your house into their own home. An easily personalisable layout is how to achieve this.


Any loose knobs or taps that are around your home will quickly be picked up on – don’t assume that the basics in your house won’t be tested. These are so quick to repair and replace, and relatively cheap to do, too – you may even want to consider upgrading what you’ve already got to try and attract a higher valuation price. Keeping within one colour scheme with your knobs and updating your taps to something a bit more modern are the simple things that those buyers with a keen eye are looking for.


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