Do the contents of your garage or shed having you slamming the door shut in horror? Those of you that are lucky enough to have garages or sheds will know that this space tends to end up as the general dumping ground in our home. If you have been putting off the dreaded job of cleaning out and clearing up your garden or shed, but just haven’t been able to face it, then follow our simple steps on how to take on this job in a cool, calm and collected way.

Set Small, Achievable Goals

If you go into it thinking you need to do absolutely everything in one day, or one weekend, you will never get round to doing it. The job will just seem like too much of a heady mountain to climb and you will just continue to slam that door behind you and push it to the back of your mind. Therefore it is really important that you set yourself micro-goals that seem moe achievable and will have you sorting through this space in a calm and manageable way.

Manageable Chunks of Time

You will also want to take on the job by sectioning off manageable chunks of time. Setting yourself thirty minutes here and 30 minutes there will mean that you won’t feel like pulling your hair out every time you step foot inside to take on the next area for clearing out. The truth of the matter is the thought of a whole day cleaning out the garage is less likely to happen than 30 minutes of tackling one area. You never know once you get started you might actually start to quite enjoy it and want to spend more time working whilst you’re on a roll.

Get Rid of the Junk

You will probably be surprised at how much rubbish you throw out so you will need a plan in place. As your front lawn will probably start building up a lot of old items and rubbish that you no longer use, it is a good idea to hire a company to come and pick that junk up for you and get it out of your way. Look for a company like that will be able to simply swing by and take all your unwanted rubbish off your hands. Whether you have lots of items to recycle or whether it is just a load of rubbish that should go straight to the tip hiring a rubbish removal company will mean that it is all taken care for you.

Second Hand Selling

There will also be items that are still in decent condition but that you just don’t have a need for anymore. Therefore you may want to try and make a little extra cash by selling things on a second hand website, like or by having, quite literally, a garage sale. There are heaps of second hands apps now that make selling items, in your local area, really, really easy, so have a look through and see what items you think you could make a little money on.


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