The Best Trendy Places in Sydney

The Best Trendy Places in Sydney


In a city as big as Sydney, there is always something to do. But having too many options isn’t always a good thing. When the city is so saturated with places to go and things to do, it can be hard to distinguish the places that are truly amazing from the ones that are a bit sub-par. So to help guide you through the venues of Sydney, here’s a list of some amazing places to visit and things to do, both if you’re a local or just visiting.


You can rest assured that there is no shortage of cultural events in a place that blends history and modern culture as well as Sydney. For starters, the Sydney Opera House is more than just a place to take a picture in front of. As impressive as the building itself is, its repertoire is even better, and definitely worth checking out. But if you are looking for something that will give you more of a thrill, then make your way to Luna Park. It has something for everyone and you will certainly find something to get excited about. It is, of course, family friendly, with plenty of rides, performances and places to sit down and relax.

trendy places to eat in sydney

Welcome to the golden age of food in Sydney, where you can find almost any dish at a price that suits you. If you are walking around on a tour, then maybe grabbing an ice cream at N2 Extreme Gelato will keep you full and cool while you are strolling the city. But if you want a wonderful dining experience, then you certainly must sit at one of the waterfront restaurants with an amazing view and even better food. Since they are right next to the water, you can bet that the seafood you will eat is as fresh as it gets, and made with absolute care and respect towards the ingredients. It’s great for both lunch and dinner, and there are always options for those who aren’t so keen on fish but want the stunning view. However, the seafood prepared here might just make you change your mind!


Sydney has really upped its coffee game, with cafes that offer a lot more than just your usual cup of your favorite grind. Take for example the Grounds of Alexandria, which are a must-visit for any hip coffee lover. Enjoy your morning cup of coffee surrounded by a jungle of plants in the buzzing atmosphere, accompanied by a large choice of different food vendors to complete your lunch. Or if you want something smaller and cozier without sacrificing the quality of the food, then give Cabrito Coffee Traders a try. It is usually quite busy, so time it right to find a seat. And if you have to wait a little bit, the coffee and sandwiches will be well worth it.


It’s evening time and you want to go out to have a drink with your friends. Start off your pub crawl by actually booking a pub crawl. It’s a walking tour that will take you through some of the oldest and best pubs in the city, filling your stomach with good beer and your mind with interesting stories about the history of the area – however, it’s not your typical history lesson. When most of the other places close down, but you still don’t feel like going home, make your way to Palmer & Co. that stays open until 5 in the morning. Tell your bartender the flavors you love and let them make you a cocktail of your dreams. The atmosphere is great, and the staff extremely friendly.

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This is in no way a comprehensive list, and you are sure to find many more amazing places with great atmosphere and great food and drinks. But if you are not sure where to go and you don’t want to end up disappointed, then visiting one of these places is a great starting point. Of course, make sure you fill your days with walking tours, visits to the beach and amazing gardens to round up your Sydney experience. As they say, half of the day indoors and half of it outdoors is the perfect recipe for a good day.

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