The Planning Bible for Weddings in Sydney

The Planning Bible for Weddings in Sydney

Planning a wedding comes with more than a few headaches, missed appointments and a good few cases of problem-solving. Don’t worry: Everyone goes through it and everything will be worth it on the big day. But if you are in the wonderful city of Sydney, you can use the experience of many couples that got hitched there in the past, to make your experience that much better! So let’s take a quick look at the most important things that should get your attention.

Find the perfect venue

So much of your wedding is determined by where it is going to take place. It can dictate the atmosphere, guest list and the date itself. When you close your eyes and imagine your wedding, where do you see yourself? Is it on a sandy beach, in the backyard of your childhood home, or a luxurious venue? Try to have as clear of a vision as you can, and then get to searching. Look through the options you have in the city, and then check availability for your preferred dates. Understand that some venues simply work better in certain seasons, so you might have to move around a bit. Because of the unpredictable Australian weather, you want to always have an option to go indoors or at least underneath some sort of cover.

The Planning Bible for Weddings in Sydney
Don’t do it all alone

Sydney is a big city with a million things to offer, and if you don’t know how to swim in the waters, you just might sink under all the options. What you need is the help of experienced party planners from Sydney, someone who can help you get the best that the city has to offer and make sure that everything goes smoothly, from the bridal shower to the wedding party. They will know the best people and companies for the things you want, and will be able to expertly guide you through your budget and your expectations. This will allow you to focus on the things that are truly important to you, such as your vows and your guest list. Find someone whom you completely trust and let them lead you through the entire process.

Make use of the local produce

In a place as beautiful as this, you can find some amazing local produce that can be incorporated into the menu. Where somewhere else in the world, you’d have to pay a small fortune for fresh fish, here, it’s quite readily available. Several months before the wedding, you should start going around and looking for the perfect catering service. Many of them offer free tastings, so that you can find something that will truly fit into the theme of your wedding and your own taste.

The Planning Bible for Weddings in Sydney
Don’t forget the before and after

The wedding day is a lot more than the event itself. Firstly, you will want somewhere to get ready. This can be a hotel suite big enough for the entourage and the professionals there to style you, or a dedicated friend’s house that will serve the purpose. You should also plan a rehearsal dinner if you’re having an intricate ceremony, to make sure everything will go smoothly. And last, but most certainly not least – the honeymoon. When the wedding passes, the fun is just beginning. Your honeymoon doesn’t have to happen right after your wedding, but you should still book it well in advance, to make sure you have something to look forward to when the wedding hype dies down.

From the invitations to the party favors, you can truly customize every part of your wedding and make it your own. Work together with your partner and make sure that both of your wishes are taken into consideration, and that the wedding is tailored to both of your tastes. Book your photographer several months in advance and make sure they are someone whose portfolio you love, because when years pass and everyone stops retelling the funny and emotional things that happened on the day, you will still have the pictures to remind you.

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