Baby fever is alive and well, and it seems like every body I know is sporting a cute little baby tummy at the moment. In our family, we are awaiting the birth of 2 precious babes. My brother and sister-in-law are adding a third little person to their family, and my niece is about to become a mummy for the first time. Now you know that I decided a long time ago that I didn’t need more babies in my home, but I am more than happy to be an auntie again. Not only does that mean more cuddles for me, but I also get to throw another baby shower.

Having hosted many welcoming parties over the years I have learned a few things about throwing an amazing baby shower, and I have a few baby shower ideas to share with you.


I’m not usually one to do as the Jones’ do, but this time I am saying go for it. Gone are the days when a baby shower was secret women’s business. It’s 2017 and men want to be included in these special events. So throw out the red carpet and welcome them along. There is nothing more hilarious then watching a group of blind-folded men race each other to put nappies on a doll.


Every good party starts with a theme. Choosing a theme for the shower early on helps you stay focused. A theme will enable you to know what type of food to serve, the decor you should purchase, even seemingly simple things such as the invitation will be decided by the theme. Aside from assisting with the planning aspects, a theme also makes your party more fun for your guests. If you need a little help deciding which way to go, Pinterest is your go-to website for ideas.

Baby Shower Ideas by Sash and Jayd


I know there is a certain kind of satisfaction in catering a baby shower yourself, however, there is also a lot of stress that shadows that decision. Not to mention, you’ll spend most of the event in the kitchen, and who wants to do that when there is fun to be had. I personally prefer to have parties catered so that I don’t have to concern myself with this particular aspect of a celebration, and in Sydney catering is very easy to come by, so why not make that call.


A baby shower has a number of purposes, and one of those is to gift the mother-to-be with items she will be able to use for her bundle of joy. A fabulous way to reduce the stress of gift giving for your guests is to have your guest of honor register for gifts. Not only will this ensure that mamma can be gifted items she actually wants or needs, but it makes it easier for those purchasing the gifts as well.


The age of the selfie is here to stay for a while I think, so why not get a little creative and provide a gorgeous backdrop for your guests to use for their insta-pics. A little glue and paper, and you have a fun DIY project that you can put together and make into something really special. Your guests will love it, and will also give them a unique way to share the event with their friends on their social media. If you want, you can even create a hashtag for the event, then all the guests photos will appear together!

No matter what you decide for your celebration, the easiest way to have an amazing baby shower that guests will remember is to relax and have fun. Remember that this day is all about sharing a special moment with people you love, if you make that your priority, everything else will just fall into place.

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Baby Shower Ideas by Sash and Jayd


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