Tips for Planning a December Wedding in Australia

Tips for Planning a December Wedding in Australia

Preparations for the wedding can be both fun and stressful. However, you should never forget that this is going to be your day and, therefore, make sure that you organize your wedding the way you and your spouse-to-be see fit. In case you’ve decided to get married in December, you probably want to enjoy the holiday festivities as well. So, how can you do that when December is the official start of summer in Australia? There’s no need to hold back on the “wintery” magic even though the weather is hot. The following tips can help you prepare accordingly.

An amazing wedding venue

If you want to make sure that you can evoke a true winter magic for your wedding day even though it’s the beginning of summer, you should start with your wedding venue. Of course, before you delve into all your choices, you should have a guest list and your overall wedding budget ready. That way, you’ll be able to narrow your options down and make things easier for yourself. With that in mind, go for a wedding venue that will allow you the freedom to decorate it in wintery fashion. Of course, spending some time outdoors is nice, but in this case, you want a nice indoor wedding space with proper air conditioning so that both you and the guests enjoy the wintery theme to the fullest.

Planning a December Wedding by Sash and JaydPlay with décor

Now, this is definitely the biggest part of making your Australian December wedding more wintery and magical. There are many ways that you can utilize your wedding decorations. For example, instead of balloons and flowers, you can use garlands and fairy lights for wall décor. You can choose classic wintery color palettes such as silver and gold, white and gold, gold and red, silver and red, etc. Snowflakes are really delicate and, precisely because of that, their “shape” can be used as one of the main motifs in your wedding décor as well. Of course, don’t forget about candles since they can truly make the whole atmosphere more dreamy and special.

Planning a December Wedding by Sash and JaydBook services in time

If you want to have a true December wedding theme, décor is not the only wedding aspect you get to play with. Obviously, you’ll have to book music, catering and photography services. You can ask your photographer whether they know some tricks to make the photos more wintery and prepare them for the whole theme in general. Moreover, your catering service should also be informed about this. In the end, you may be able to come up with thematic meals that everyone will absolutely love, not to mention your wedding cake. Of course, you don’t have to hire musicians to sing Christmas carols on your wedding day, as you obviously can go with whatever music genre you like. But you can look for a band or musicians that play classical music, for example. Finally, let’s not forget about your important guests travelling long distance in order to celebrate your wedding with you. December is a busy month, so make it a point to hire chauffeur service at Sydney airport in time.

Planning a December Wedding by Sash and JaydYour perfect look

Of course, you simply can’t forget about your bridal look. Luckily, plenty of wedding gown styles can effectively match your December wedding theme. After all, as long as you don’t go for an obviously summery and boho-like dress, you can enjoy being a true princess in an elegant and intricate dress that fits the theme perfectly. As long as the dress is flowy and/or lacey, you can make it work, regardless of the specific cut you want to go for. Also, you can add little details such as “snowflakes” in your hair. These can be little pins, glitter or zircons – whatever you like and find irresistible. Together with matching makeup, you can be sure that your December wedding will be filled with winter magic, even though it’s officially summer outside.

Your wedding day is there to help you celebrate your love with your friends and family, but it’s also a day to have fun and enjoy yourself with your whole heart. Therefore, don’t miss the opportunity to do something that not only your guest will remember for the longest of time, but the two of you as well, as something truly amazing and remarkable.

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